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Sold1972 Austin Zcars VTEC

UPDATE: Seller reports that its GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Georgia!

Zcars Monte Carlo Mk2 Kit. This is the only Mk2 Zcars Monte Carlo in the U.S. It was the last batch of three cars made before the company went out of business in November 2015. This is an unfinished project. (Please note that the images shown show the Monte Carlo in the different build stages.)

More than $63,300 invested so far!


  • 800hp turbocharged Built engine by Lanksy Racing in California (ECU tuned to run at 500hp). Based on a 2.4L K24 Honda Vtec engine.
  • ECU by DTA Fast S60 Pro (plug and play)
  • RSX 6-Speed transmission with a 3Plate racing clutch
  • Full spaceframe construction by Zcars in the UK
  • 1,100 lbs dry weight (approx.)
  • 0-150mph in under 10 seconds (reported by Chris of Zcars)
  • Built using U.S. sourced engine/gearbox, brake lines, DOT tires
  • Custom Air Conditioning Kit

What needs finishing:

Around 80% of the build is completed and would require the following main areas to be completed:

  • Completion of the engine build. Need to install turbo and tune ECU
  • Fabrication of intake and exhaust system
  • Driveshafts to be fabricated
  • The fiberglass shell needs finishing and to be attached to the space frame. Painting, adding of glass/perspex and lights etc.
  • Wiring loom needs installing


K24 Honda VTEC built by Laskey Racing in CA. Blueprinted to 800 hp.

Turbo Kit – by Sheeply, CA

  • Sheeply built K series LEAN turbo manifold PTE turbine let 60mm turbosmart gate flange
  • Sheeply built 1,000 hp rated Intercooler
  • Precision 6262SP Ball bearing .82 AR vband in/out (705hp rated)
  • TurboSmart 60mm black wastegate
  • TurboSmart 50mm race port BOV
  • Injector Dynamic 1300s for K series
  • Golden eagle k24 fuel rail black
  • AEM universal FPR
  • Aeromotive 100psi gauge
  • AEM universal filter 10AN
  • AEM 380LBS fuel pump


Included Parts:

  • Fibreglass Monte Carlo shell including bonnet, boot, doors
  • Door handles and hinges
  • ZCars Aluminum tunnel
  • Billet alloy front hubs and uprights
  • Double wishbone front suspension
  • Rear trailing arms complete with bearings, hubs, and spherical bearings
  • Adjustable coil over units all round
  • Custom Engine/gearbox mounts
  • 4 piston Wilwood front disc calipers
  • Rear disc brakes with park brake calipers
  • Park brake cable
  • Throttle cable
  • Gear change kit
  • Vertical aluminum bulkhead kit
  • 4 piece Perspex window kit
  • Sparco Racing Seats (2)
  • Kirkey Racing Seat (1)
  • ZCars front uprights
  • ZCars cooling system kit
  • ZCars fuel system kit
  • ZCars brake line kit
  • 15” 3-piece Alloy wheels
  • Avon Road tires  245/50/15 (7×15 & 9×15). Two sets
  • Wilwood pedal box
  • Monte Carlo Steering rack
  • ZCars IVA steering column
  • Removable steering wheel and boss (2)
  • Angel Eye head lamps
  • Mini indicator lamps (clear)
  • Mini Mk3 rear lamps (clear)
  • Door mirrors
  • Front windscreen
  • ZCars chassis loom kit
  • Windscreen wiper kit
  • Indicator & wiper stalks
  • 10” Electric fan
  • ETB Digidash
  • Plug & Play ZCars wiring loom


Cost to Finish:

If the work was done by a professional, the builder and fabricator estimate about $10k-$12k would be needed to complete the project. Or, if the buyer could do his own fabrication, the estimated cost could be as low as $5k.

The body does still lift off, if need be.


Shipping or Transport:

While some parts can fit inside the Mini for transport, because of the quantity and size (including 2 sets of tires, alloy wheels, etc.), the car and parts would need to be shipped via enclosed transport or trailer. (If the car was to be carried on an open trailer, the parts could fit in a pickup or van, etc.)

Note: The images shown show the Monte Carlo in different stages of build.

VIN #:  SA900000000379W[*][*]

Bill of Sale

Located in Jupiter, Florida 33458

[ ID# ZCARSVTEC ] Asking: $17,500. [ UPDATE: GONE! ]


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BOTTOM LINE: This is a case where it pays to do your homework. Be careful what you buy, you may not be able to drive it in some states, including California.


UPDATE: Seller reports that its GO2E, GONE, GONE to its new home in Georgia!

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