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1900 Austin or Morris

NOTE: We here at MiniGuy get a lot of calls from people looking for a Mini – or others looking to find a new home for theirs.

This individual is looking for a “perfect Mini.” Need not be a genuine Cooper or Cooper S, but must be in very nice condition. Open on the year. Either sliding or rollup windows, but prefer sliders.

Prefer “unmolested” in that it doesn’t have a roll bar, racing type seats, cut fenders or a flip front, non-stock dash, non-Mini engine, or has suspension that sits too low. Hydrolastic in good condition OK, but prefer original-type cones or springs. No noisy exhaust.

Ok if it’s not its original color, as long as it’s done well – doorjambs, under hood and in engine compartment, and in the boot (ie: trunk). No dings or dents; prefer no nicks or scratches. Either zero rust, or repairs done to a professional quality.

Must be at least 1275cc, and not smoke or have oil leaks. Must be 4-synchro tranmission, with all synchros not crunching on up- or down-shifts. 5-speed a plus. All electricals in good order. Prefer with SU carbs; twin carbs a plus.

Open on color, but favorites would be red with a white roof, or an Almond Green or Island Blue color.

Customer is in Southern California, but will travel for the right car. Car must have clear title.

Minilite-style (8-spoke alloys) preferred; a plus if stock-type Cooper steel wheels are included, even if they are the “reverse” type.

If he’s interested, will need lots of pics later.

Have one like it, or know of one? Please contact, and mention Stock ” WM1″ in the subject line of your email. [ ID# WD1]

PHOTO CREDIT: Found online at : Posted by “ianrevaddict” (used without permission, of course!

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