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$25,0001966 Austin Mini Cooper S

UPDATE: The seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home!

This genuine, documented 1966 Austin Cooper 1275 S has undergone a bare-shell, every-nut-and-bolt restoration and upgrade. It has matching numbers, as verified by the Heritage Certificate, which shows a build date of 8 October 1965. It is now refinished in a pale ivory similar to Old English White with a British Racing Green roof; its original colors were Tartan Red with a black roof. The car’s original Cooper S 1275cc engine has been bored, balanced and fitted with a mild cam, oversized valves and a lightweight flywheel. At the same time, the original 4-speed transmission’s 3-synchro internals were upgraded to 4-synchro. Its original twin SU carbs have been rebuilt and the stock air cleaner assembly has been retained. The engine builder estimates the power output to be around 100 hp.

The steering is factory left-hand-drive (LHD.)


The 10″ wheels are new Minilight-style (8-spoke). The Yokohama A008 tires are in good condition, with 90% tread remaining.

The exterior chrome and brightwork is all new, with the exception of the original stainless window frame trim, which is original but showing some wear. The front and rear bumpers are new, as are all four corner bars and overrides on both ends. The Cooper S badges front and rear are new. The mustache grille and whiskers are likewise new, along with all lights, lenses and lighting assemblies.

The original twin fuel tanks have been cleaned, sealed and powder-coated black and the filler caps are new.



The interior, door panels and trim are nicely finished in black vinyl, the front seats are new recliners fitted on Mini seat frames. The carpets are color-coordinated in green. The headliner and dome-light assembly are likewise new.

A new Safety Devices rollbar has recently been installed.

The original speedo pod has the correct 120-mph Smiths speedometer and water-temperature and oil-pressure gauges; the stock gauges and speedo have been rebuilt, but the odometer reading was kept as it was. It now reads [about 60k] miles, believed to be original. A dash-mounted tach has been added, as they were not factory-fitted. The entire wiring harness in the car is new, including the engine, interior and lights. The window latches are new and the doors have new felt sliders. The horn is on the turn signal lever, which is now located on the right side of the steering column to make entry/exit easier. All switches are new. The headliner was recently redone. Dynamat soundproofing has been added under the carpets.


Suspension and Brakes:

The suspension has been upgraded from the car’s original hydrolastic (aka:”wet”) suspension to a coil spring conversion, with adjustable HiLos for fine-tuning the ride height.

The 7.5″ Cooper S front disc brakes have new discs, calipers, pads and brake hoses. Rear drums are the proper Cooper S type. New braided-stainless brake hoses.


Engine and Transmission:

The original Cooper S engine tag remains in place and matches the Heritage Certificate.

The engine was bored, balanced and fitted with a mild cam, oversized valves in the head, and a lightweight flywheel. The transmission was also rebuilt and upgraded with 4-synchro internals in place of the original 3-synch internals. The engine/transmission work was done by British car specialist Phillip Middleton in Atlanta, GA, who estimates the output at 100 hp.

A new header and RC40 performance exhaust system was fitted, including new hangers.

The radiator and fan are new. An electric auxiliary fan has been added for additional cooling.



The Heritage Certificate confirms that it is a legitimate Cooper S. The VIN tag (aka: chassis plate) matches the engine number.

Make and Model: Austin Mini Cooper “S” Mark 1 (1275cc)

Car/chassis Number: C-A2S7 – L/7674[*][*]

Engine Number: 9F-SA-Y/38754

Body Number: A.O.443[*][*]

LHD, North American Export

Colour (exterior) Tartan Red

(trim) Red and gold

Date of Build: 8 October 1965

Despatch Date: 9 October 1965

Destination (dealer)  Chicago, USA

Details of factory-fitted equipment: Fresh air heater, Extra fuel tank


More Info:

The body work had previously been done by Heritage Garage in Costa Mesa, CA; the panels are straight. (The Mini’s current paintwork was done more recently.) The original wiper motor was rebuilt and has proper date coding.

The paint is in exceptional condition. There is a paint chip on the top of the right fender, and the chrome on the original ashtray on the dash has some pitting.


Recent Upgrades & Maintenance:

* Dynamat soundproofing added under carpets

* Headliner redone

* New wiring harness

* New Minilight-style (8-spoke) alloy wheels

* Safety Devices rollbar added

* New bootlid seal

* New chrome exhaust tip

* New fuel tank sending until

* Full tune-up


Notes & FYI:

  • California title and current registration. (smog exempt)


Located in Monrovia, (Southern) California. (in Los Angeles area near Pasadena)

[ ID#  WHITEGREEN66MK1S ]  Asking: $25k


Independent mechanical evaluations may also be arranged, as well as nationwide door-to-door transport. Escrow Services for payment, title-document-transfers, and transport coordination (to help provide more-secure transactions) are also available, contact us for details.


FINE PRINT: MiniGuy / Lewis Motors makes no representations as to the accuracy of any seller’s listings on our “Consignment – For Sale by Owner” pages, including but not limited to, physical or mechanical condition of vehicle, status of title or registration, any applicable emissions-equipment, emissions-testing or emissions-certification requirements, as well as relevant safety equipment or safety-related requirements, import status, or fitness for use. Please note that emissions or safety requirements may differ by state, region, or country. Potential buyers should consult their appropriate state or local agencies or departments to determine, among other things, the status of a particular vehicle related to the above, including vehicles that might normally be exempt from emissions testing, emissions equipment, or emissions certification requirements. For California buyers or sellers, more information may be obtained from various state and local agencies, including, but not limited to, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Bureau of Automotive Repairs (BAR) and the California Air Resources Board (ARB).

BOTTOM LINE: This is a case where it pays to do your homework. Be careful what you buy, you may not be able to drive it in some states, including California.


2019 – UPDATED FOOTNOTE: According to current California ARB guidelines, pre-1968 classic Minis – because of their age – would not be subject to the restrictions that would otherwise apply to direct-import vehicles. (Great news for this legitimate ’66 Mini!)

UPDATE: The seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home!

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