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Sold1978 Austin Mini

Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Oklahoma!

This 1978 classic Mini is a clean, well-sorted example that’s been extensively gone through to increase its reliability, improve driveability – and retain its original classic Mini flavor. It’s already been on several trouble-free, extended road trips around the Pacific Northwest – and the seller says he’d drive it anywhere.

The aim was keep the stock appearance, so it has the stock 10” steel wheels with the narrow, original 145-series tires and the small hubcaps. Inside the cabin is the original-type, large-diameter steering wheel and the iconic, center-mounted Mini dash pod, a design feature to allow Minis to be built either right-hand-drive (RHD, like this one), or LHD.(All Minis have the holes and mountings to put the steering on either side, if you must.)

To increase reliability, virtually all the Mini’s systems have been methodically gone through. The stock 998cc engine, 4-speed manual gearbox, shifter and clutch reportedly operate as they should and didn’t require much attention, but the cooling, charging, braking, fuel, electrical and exhaust systems are reportedly either new, refurbished or rebuilt.

Handling, ride and responsiveness are greatly improved with the fitment of fully adjustable suspension components, along with HiLos and Spax adjustable gas shocks – which together enable fine-tuning of ride height, alignment and stiffness on all four corners.

Legally imported in 2006, it’s a legitimate 1978 model originally sold new in New Zealand. (One advantage of NZ Minis is they typically have no – or very little – rust, when compared with classics brought over from the UK.) The front number plate from New Zealand is original.

Reportedly starts easily, runs smoothly, has good hot/cold oil pressure and does not smoke. Runs cool, even in heavy traffic, seller says.

The Mini’s metallic green paint has held up well, seller says, and although painted in NZ at least 9 years ago, it’s reportedly at a good, “driver quality” level. The white roof is a classic color combo.

The odometer reads about 27.5k miles, but original speedometer (which read in kilometers) has been replaced at some point. True mileage unknown, but based on prior New Zealand “Warrant of Fitness” inspection documents, it’s more likely about 75k miles, estimates the seller.

The front seats have been replaced with later-type recliners with headrests. Upholstery is cloth rather than original vinyl.


Items Replaced, Refurbished or Rebuilt Within Last Four Years:



* Headlights upgraded to halogen H4 models with city lights.

* Tires are near-new with only a few thousand miles.

* Wheels are restored and powder-coated.

* Hubcaps are stainless steel and undamaged.

* Chrome lower-body seam trim replaced.

* Windshield is new, along with new rubber seal and chrome spreader strip.

* Taillight lenses are new.

* Front signal indicator lenses were plastic, replaced with glass.



* Cooling system upgraded with new Super-cool radiator and the cap, water pump, thermostat and cooling fan are new. Radiator hoses replaced with Kevlar-reinforced ‘long life’ type. New, high-quality hose clamps.

* Carburetor rebuilt and updated for better performance; all fuel hoses and clamps replaced and metal fuel filter added.

* Heater unit rebuilt with new core and foam seals; cable, control valve and heater hoses also new.

* Clutch system hydraulics serviced; new slave cylinder and hose.

* Brake system is gone through, including new shoes, wheel cylinders and several rubber hoses and metal lines have been replaced. The master cylinder is in good condition.

* Ignition system serviced, along with new coil, distributor cap, spark-plug wires, points and condenser.

* Air filter and fuel filter are new.

* Charging system has new alternator and fan belt.

* Windshield wipers have rebuilt wiper motor, new arms and blades.

* Instrument binnacle and instruments restored and fully functional – speedometer, odometer, fuel, oil pressure and water temperature gauges.

* Ignition switch is new, dash wiring is tidied-up.

* Turn signal lever/horn stalk replaced.

* Exhaust system is all new; stock exhaust manifold retained. (Single-box exhaust gives an appropriate Mini “growl.”)



* New carpet, new carpet mats.

* Dashboard trim restored, new dash cards.

* New parcel shelf carpets, front and rear.

* Interior door and side panels swapped out with later-type, with door pockets.


A Final Note:

It’s not perfect, it’s a 37-year old car. A full breakdown of dings, scratches, hiccups, asterisks, glitches and such to follow. [NOTE: to be updated and expanded shortly; closeup pics and more info available in the mean time.]


Located in Seattle, WA 98043

Clear title, current Historical Vehicle registration.

[ ID# GREEN78MINI ] Asking: $9.5k  [ UPDATE: SOLD ]


Independent mechanical evaluations may also be arranged, as well as nationwide door-to-door transport. Escrow Services for payment, title-document-transfers, and transport coordination (to help provide more-secure transactions) are also available, contact us for details.


FINE PRINT: MiniGuy / Lewis Motors makes no representations as to the accuracy of any seller’s listings on our “Consignment – For Sale by Owner” pages, including but not limited to, physical or mechanical condition of vehicle, status of title or registration, any applicable emissions-equipment, emissions-testing or emissions-certification requirements, as well as relevant safety equipment or safety-related requirements, import status, or fitness for use. Please note that emissions or safety requirements may differ by state, region, or country. Potential buyers should consult their appropriate state or local agencies or departments to determine, among other things, the status of a particular vehicle related to the above, including vehicles that might normally be exempt from emissions testing, emissions equipment, or emissions certification requirements. For California buyers or sellers, more information may be obtained from various state and local agencies, including, but not limited to, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Bureau of Automotive Repairs (BAR) and the California Air Resources Board (ARB).


BOTTOM LINE: This is a case where it pays to do your homework. Be careful what you buy, you may not be able to drive it in some states, including California.

Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Oklahoma!


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