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Sold1963 Austin Woodie wagon

This nice little red “woodie wagon” (aka: Austin Countryman) appears to have its original red vinyl interior. The original 850cc powerplant has been replaced with a 1275cc engine, four-synchro, four-speed transmission, and an RC40 (high performance, yet quiet) exhaust system. In the front, the drum brakes have been replaced with 7.5″ Cooper S disc brakes and a power brake servo. It has been converted from RHD to Left-hand-drive (LHD). Restored 7 years ago by a retired engineer. Had one previous owner for 33 years. This woodie still has its original wood trim, which has been revarnished. During the restoration, it was fitted with new panels, including new wings (fenders) and front panel. In some areas that previously had rust, the rust was cut out and replaced with new sheet metal. Inside, it has a custom wood dash and wood door cappings. Has the center speedometer with oil pressure and water-temperature gauges on each side. The engine compartment is nicely detailed. Drives superb, very quiet and smooth. Cruises at 70-80 mph without even breathing hard. Not mint, but a tidy, attractive, original woody. Now fitted with the classic Cooper S “reverse” rims in Old English White with the small (ie: Cooper-style) chrome hubcaps. All Minis have rust, the question is how much and where. Since the restoration, it has developed small rust “blisters” in the lower parts of the doors, and in the “A” panels (ie: the triangular-shaped panel between the rear of the front wheel, and the front of the door. ) Brand new door panels and new “A” panels are included, which you can replace at your convenience, or just enjoy the Mini as it is, with its minor flaws. Call or email for more details, or for more close-up pics. A fantastic bargain at … ID# [ EAD539A ]

Vehicle Details:
  • Engine: 1275cc
  • Transmission: 4 speed, four-synchro, rod-shift type
  • Exterior Color: red
  • Interior Color: red

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