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1966 Wolseley Hornet

Jeff & Karen C’s Wolseley “Heinz Hornet” convertible [in Illinois]

This 1966 “Heinz Hornet” is a rare, convertible conversion of a Wolseley Hornet, a upscale variant of the classic “roundnose” Mini. It was one of 57 built by Crayford as part of a promotional contest in the UK for Heinz food products. Additional information is on the placard shown in the photo gallery. A standard […]

1970 Mini Mk3

Chuck H’s red South African-built Wolseley “Mini Mk3” Mini [in Seattle]

This particular Mini configuration was only available in South Africa, and only 3,871 were built. (Minis were built under license there in part to avoid higher tariffs for importing complete cars.) This red “Mini Mk3” has a traditional “roundnose” front end, but the rear features the extended rear boot (trunk) and the fins and taillights […]

1968 Wolseley Mini 1000

Chuck H’s South African-built Wolseley 1000 [in Seattle], now Peter K’s [in Colorado]

This light gray (factory-built-in-South Africa) “Mini 1000” has a Wolseley front end, and a traditional Mk1 rear end and bootlid, including the small oval Mk1 taillights.Only about 450 were built. This particular configuration was available only in South Africa; the U.S. owner had imported it from there. We snapped this photo at East Meets West […]

1900 Austin Moke

Branden F’s Mini Moke (at Spring Thing 2008)

Black Exterior

Branden F. and his Mini Moke at Spring Thing 2008 in Kissimmee, Florida. It sports an original 850cc engine. Minimalist motoring at its finest… [ ID# ST8BRANDENMOKE ]

1961 Austin Mini

Ryan B.’s White Racer (in St. Pete, FL)

White Exterior

Here’s Ryan B. and his 1961 Mini race car at Spring Thing 2008 in Kissimmee, Florida.

1964 Morris Mini

Charlie W’s Mk1 Mini (in Boise, Idaho)

UPDATE: Dec. 2008 – just posted pics of the Boise Idaho Mini club participating in the holiday parade! Here’s Charlie W’s ’64 Mk1. Oh sure, his parents Realy Ann and Nathan might say it belongs to them, but we all know better… Charlie, 4, is a big fan of Wallace and Grommit, so he’s thinking […]

1976 Austin Mini

No Photo

Wayne L’s BRG Mini (Vancouver, Washington)

British Racing Green Exterior

Wayne L. of Vancouver, WA just adopted this nice little BRG Mini from our Consignment pages. It lived for a time in Bend, Oregon. He drove it straight home – a 3.5 hour drive – grinning all the way… Normally, Wayne drives his restored ’67 Datsun roadster, but we’re thinking it might be getting a […]

1969 Austin Mini

Kenny B’s Mini Sprint-inspired Mk2 Mini w/ chop/channel (in Lake Forest, SoCal)

Mariner Blue Exterior

note: Although Kenny’s Mini is posted here on these “Not For Sale” pages, Kenny might be willing to send it to a new home – but it definitely, positively won’t be cheap! Bring an arm, a leg, your first born and a big pile of cash and he might talk to you… This ’69 Austin […]

1976 Austin pickup conversion

Victor D’s Pickup-Wagon Conversion at Spring Thing 2008 (from Great Falls, Montana)

Yellow Exterior

UPDATE: Although this Mini appears on these “Not for Sale” pages, it’s now available for adoption on our “Consignment – For Sale by Owner” pages! Victor H. of Great Falls, Montana showed up with this nice Mini pickup it at Spring Thing 2008 in Kissimmee, Florida. (He’s in Tampa until the 28th of March, after […]

1976 Austin Mini

Mark M’s Blue Star special edition Mini [Dallas, Texas]

Tahiti Blue Exterior

Mark M. of Dallas Texas had this one advertised on our Consignment – For Sale by Owner pages, but he’s decided he can’t part with it for now! What’s unique about Mark’s Mini is that it has air conditioning – very rare in a classic Mini! Here’s more info from when it was for sale, […]

1963 Austin Mini convertible

Ruben J’s Mini Convertible (in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

Viper Blue Exterior

Ruben J. of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has this very nice Mini convertible conversion. It has been for sale on our Consigment pages, but he’s now installed a scary-fast race-level 1380cc with all the go-fast goodies. He’s going to hang onto it for how – unless someone offers him “silly money” for it, meaning in the […]

Sold1967 Austin 1275 Cooper S

No Photo

Austin Cooper S Mk1: ex-rally car with a Downton Touring Conversion

White W/ Black Roof Exterior

UPDATE: The UK owner has let it go to a new home in Germany, to a buyer who paid the equivalent of $26k! Dean M. in the UK owns this really, really nice Cooper S. It’s a fully documented ex-rally car with a Downton Touring Conversion. It’s on this Not For Sale page, but that’s […]

1973 Innocenti Cooper

Charles V’s Innocenti Cooper 1300 Export [in San Jose]

Charles V. just picked up his Inno and is happy to be tearing into it…and driving it…

1967 Austin Mini Countryman woodie wagon

(Not For Sale ) Rick T’s red woodie in Hawaii

Rick T’s red woodie wagon in Hawaii. 1967 Mk1 Austin Countryman in “Jaguar Carmine Red.” Featured in Mini Magazine and BMW’s own magazine – in German!

1972 Austin Mini

Kim A.’s

Tahiti Blue W/ Silver Roof Exterior

Kim A. of Seattle sent us these pics of her Tahiti Blue “Sportspack replica,” which she has owned for a year or so, after adopting it from a local owner. Prior to that, its home was on Whidbey Island, just a scenic ferry ride away… [ID# TAHBLUEWA1]

1900 Austin or Morris van

Boris T’s Mk1 Van w/ windows (Long Beach, SoCal)

This Mini van (w/ windows) belongs to current MOALA (Mini Owners of America – Los Angeles) club president Boris T., of Long Beach, SoCal. Normally, a van would have had steel sides, but this one’s got the long windows. As a it’s van, it comes with no rear seat. Boris, on the left, shows his […]

1964 Austin Mini

Willy H’s Mk1 ‘Cooper S’ (in Orange County, CA)

White Exterior

Former MOALA (Mini Owners of America – Los Angeles) club president Willy H. shown with his ’63 Mini “Cooper S.” [ID# WILLY1] Photo credit: MOALA website.

1978 Austin or Morris Mini

Bob T’s RetroMini [Bay Shore, NY]

Bright Yellow Exterior

Bob T. of Bay Shore, New York sent us this pic of “RetroMini,” a Mk1-style Mini built with a Mk3 body shell, so it has rollup windows. Our overseas partner built this one for Bob a few years back. Bob wrote us, “It’s a daily driver as long as there’s no salt on the roads. […]

1900 Austin or Morris Mini

Mike S’s Mini at East Meets West Mini Meet in 2004

Blue With A Yellow Roof Exterior

Mike S. of Victoria Minis built this nice blue Mini with a yellow roof and took it to the national “East Meets West” Mini Meet in 2004 in Rockford, Illinois. Mike told us it went to a new owner in Seattle. If you know who, please let us know. [ID# EMW2464697]

1900 Austin or Morris Mini

Whose Izzit Now? (in Massachusetts?)

UPDATE: John H., from Massachusetts, contacted us to let us know that this Mini was later sold to a couple in MA. Shown here with it is previous owner Peter C., formerly of Florida, who now lives in the UK with his wife, in Colchester, England. Where is it now? If you know who the […]

1964 Morris Cooper

Scott M’s 1964 Morris Cooper (now for sale!) [ in Spokane, WA ]

UPDATE: Scott is now taking offers on this Mini. See our Consignment 1 page for more details… Scott M.’s Mk1 Morris Cooper “rally replica” is chock-full of genuine period rally gear. He’s owned this car – his first Mini – for more than 28 years. Along the way, he picked up two other Minis – […]

1972 Austin or Morris Mini

Jim Baumann’s 1973 Mini, dubbed “Dudley.” 1972 Mk 3 Mini Cooper 1275 “S” (Clone). 1293cc engine, 940 cylinder head with Isky no-bind valve springs, 649 cam, HIF6 SU carb with torque ram , K& N filter, & Torquemaster inlet. LCB exhaust, adjustable oil pressure valve, 13-row oil cooler, with oilstat and oil temp. takeoff, Super […]

1963 Austin or Morris Mini

Jason’s Mini: NOT For Sale, but maybe yes? (Jacksonville, Florida)

For more on this Mini, see our News/Features page (select “A” tab from home page, or on the menu bar on the top of this page). The feature article may be found under Fri., April 13, 2007. Regarding MiniGuy’s “NOT FOR SALE” pages: If you have a nice Mini you’d like to show our readers […]

1973 Austin Mini

Brooke W’s Mini – Idabel, Oklahoma

Brooke W., of Idabel, Oklahoma, found this Tahiti Blue Mini on eBay UK, which she’s named “Austin.” Has 1275cc, front discs and custom alloys. Of course, she’s wearing the silly grin that most classic Mini owners have a hard time wiping off their faces when they get where they are going… It’s right-and-drive (RHD), so […]

1999 Rover Mini

British Open SportsPack Mini (Nova Scotia)

British Racing Green Exterior

Peter H. of Nova Scotia, Canada, says his British Open Sportspack Mini is definitely NOT FOR SALE! It’s been his baby since January 2007, when it left its home in Germany. Peter is a member of BATANS, the British Automobile Touring Association of Nova Scotia. [ ID# BOSPK3-29]

1900 Austin Mini

Wendy T’s Red/white ‘Cooper replica’

Wendy T. of Colorado sent these pics of her red/white Mini “Cooper replica.” She’s owned it since 2001, and has used it in local parades… [ID# RDWTCO1]