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1974 Austin Sport Pack Mini

(with VTEC engine swap!) BRG Sport Pack w/ 1275cc [in Santa Barbara]

UPDATE: This Mini will be available soon with a Honda VTEC engine swap! Contact us for more details and pricing! (details and pics to be updated) It’s a Mini – Be prepared to get a lot of attention when you’re zipping ‘round town, motorin’ in the mountains, blastin’ along the beach, or tacklin’ the twisties! […]

Sold1972 Austin Mini w/ VTEC engine conversion

(GONE!) classic Mini w/ 181hp Honda VTEC engine conversion!

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to a new home! UPDATE: “Price just dropped substantially – contact us for info!” More pics to follow… Classic Austin Mini w/ Honda VTEC engine conversion, a JDM B16B-Type R model – that reportedly puts out 181hp at 7500 rpm and 127 ft lb of torque! (about triple […]

1974 Austin Mini

“Rust Free” Project Mini [near Ventura in SoCal]

“Rust Free!”  Well, in this case, it should read “Free Rust” – you just don’t get charged for it, the rust is completely FREE! This Mini is a total project – you’d need to be very brave to tackle it! It’s rusty and it’s rotten. It has rust in places we’ve never even see before. […]

Sold1900 Z-Cars Mini w/ Hayabusa engine

Z-Cars Mini w/ Hayabusa powerplant! [in Oregon]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! GT-5 Mini Cooper Hayabusa-powered Track Day/Race Car – and it’s also street licensed! 2011 Z-Cars Monte Carlo Minibusa; titled in Oregon as 1979. 246hp, turbocharged 4-cylinder Hayabusa engine! Reportedly, one of the fastest street-licensed cars in America, according to the seller! Built for track […]

Sold1900 Austin Mini Sport Pack-retro-style

(GONE!) Custom, retro-Mk1-style Sport Pack [in Los Angeles]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Ohio! Update: Price now $20k! (was $25k, but needs paint flaws fixed; see closeups.) This classic Mini combines a bit of the old, with a bit of the new. Starting with a late-model body shell, it has been fully customized, crammed with cool […]

Sold1968 Austin Mini Mk2

(GONE!) upgraded ’68 Mk2 Mini [in Westminster, near Los Angeles]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Texas! This Mini’s cool mods include a period, rally-style roof rack. Body-color wheel arches (ie: “flares”). It’s a true “Mk2” model Mini, which are quite rare because they were only built from mid-’67 through 1969! The main difference between the Mk1 (built from […]

Sold1900 Austin Mini Sport Pack

(posted – and GONE!) classic colors: BRG Sport Pack w/ white roof and stripes [in Northridge, SoCal]

WOW – THAT WAS FAST! Just posted – and seller reports it SOLD to the first caller! (headed to its new home in Texas shortly!)   It’s a Sport Pack classic Mini – and in very nice condition! British Racing Green (BRG) with white bonnet stripes. Factory left-hand-drive (LHD). Fitted with 1275cc (1.3L) engine, (largest […]

Sold1963 Austin Mini ('Cooper,' not an 'S')

(GONE!) classic Mk1 Mini ‘Cooper’ (not an ‘S’) [in Sierra Vista, AZ]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This Mini looks somewhat better in these pics than it does in real life, reports the seller! (Wow – how’s that for unheard-of honesty by a seller!) It has decent-looking paint, but it’s not a “gawk-at-it-close-up” show car. Of course, it still generates a […]

Sold1963 Morris Mini

Penny Car (Beatles Penny Lane) Tribute car [in St. Louis, MO]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Dubai! 1963 Morris Mini Minor Penny Car –Penny Car made for The Beatles’ “Penny Lane” –4,000 British pennies grouted to exterior (approximate weight: 200 pounds/91 kg) –Woman in England placed pennies on car from coins her father collected –Pennies range in year from […]

Sold1972 Austin Mini

(seller sold to local buyer!) super-clean “1972” Mini “Cooper” w/ AC & 4k miles [in Lomita, SoCal 90717]

According to the Southern California seller, he sold it to a local buyer! (Note: This classic “1972” Mini DOES NOT have the emissions-certification or exemption required by the State of California!) Classic Minis this incredibly clean almost never come up – and even fewer with air conditioning, and fewer still with super-low miles and zero […]

$28,5001982 Leyland Rally-inspired Mini

( SOLD! ) Tahiti Blue terror w/ new Heritage shell [in Houston]

UPDATE: Wow, that was fast! We did writeup, posted it and it SOLD, SOLD, SOLD same day! Heads to AZ shortly! MiniGuy acted as the buyer’s agent — a new service we offer. We negotiated better pricing, lined up inspection, handled all communication, coordinated document-handling and funds-transfer, then booked transport. Mini found via Brandon@ – […]

Sold1978 Leyland Clubman wagon w/ trailer

(rare in the U.S.!) Mini Clubman Wagon w/ own trailer [located in Florida]

Update: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE,GONE to its new home in New York! Mini Clubman “Estate” wagons are very rare in the U.S., they were never sold new here. This one is in exceptional condition – with almost everything new. Full details to follow, contact us directly in the mean time Includes trailer for towing […]

1900 Austin Mini Sport Pack

(big problem…) BRG Sport Pack Mini [above Detroit, Michigan]

IMPORTANT NOTE: After posting this for the seller – and we held a deposit from the buyer, the seller declined to take this Mini to a thorough, independent pre-purchase mechanical evaluation by a nearby British Car specialist shop with experience restoring classic Minis. (shop charges $150-$200; buyer was willing to pay that, regardless.) We HIGHLY […]

Sold1960 Morris Mini

Classic Mini in classic colors [near Santa Barbara]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! Engine upgraded from stock 850cc to 1,100cc – so it really scoots. Transmission upgraded from “waggly” gearshift (the long shifter coming from front of floorboards), to a “remote” shifter, which comes straight up from the floor. New, Newton Commercial carpets. Has Heritage Certificate confirming […]

Sold1960 Morris Mk1 Mini

Mk1 project – runs, drives, registered! [near Santa Barbara]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to it’s new home! (contact us, there may be another available…) A genuine 1960 Morris Mini “Delux” model, so it has the proper Mk1 sliding windows with external door hinges, small oval taillights and distinctive Mk1 “moustache” grille. Has Heritage Certificate documenting its authenticity as a factory left-hand-drive (LHD) export model […]

$4,5001900 Austin or Morris Mk3 Mini body shell

Bare Mk3 Shell for VTEC swap or restoration [near Santa Barbara]

Bare Mk3 Mini body shell. Rust-free and painted in Bright Blue with traditional white roof. Includes bonnet, boot, rollup-window doors and all glass. Additional parts may be included depending on needs. An ideal donor shell for Honda VTEC or other engine/drivetrain swaps, or for replacing a rusty Mk3 shell during a restoration. Referrals to qualified […]

Sold1900 Austin Sport Pack-style Mini

( GONE! ) Sport Pack-style Mk3 Mini [near Santa Barbara]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home – right after Honda VTEC engine conversion was completed! Total price — for the all-inclusive, turn-key, ready-to-enjoy Mini with conversion is just $25k! This Sport Pack-style Mini replica is fitted with genuine Sport Pack alloys and Sport Pack wheel arches (ie: “flares”). Formerly had […]

Sold1965 Austin Mini station wagon

Running, driving Mini station wagon project [near Santa Barbara]

Update: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! You can drive it — if you don’t mind a bit of wind in your face and bugs in your teeth  – the windshield isn’t in place! (prepping for paint.) More info and additional pics to follow. (short video of engine running available on […]

1970 Austin Mini

Mk3 Mini w/ sunroof and rally lights [in Boulder, Colorado]

More info and pricing to follow. (email us if you’d like updates). Rebuilt performance engine and much, much more! Sunroof, quad rally lights, small, body-color wheel arches (ie: “flares”) and Minilite-style (8-spoke) alloys with good tires. Aquamarine Blue. Needs nothing but a driver! Located (about 30 miles NW of Denver) in Boulder, Colorado 80303 [  […]

Sold1900 Austin Mini

Sport Pack Mini w/ Air Conditioning and LHD [in Los Angeles]

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! It’s headed to its new home in another state! NOTE: But we have a similar one coming up. Contact us for details! Nationwide transport available – quotes available on request. Thorough independent mechanical evaluation by an expert Mini specialist may also be arranged. Call for details. Wow – classic Minis like […]

1962 Austin Mini Super

Super-Rare Austin Mini “Super” – unrestored barn find!

CLICK HERE for copy of feature article in MC2 Magazine (Oct./Nov. – 2013, Issue 46). Super-Rare Austin Mini “Super” – unrestored barn find! [MORE DETAILS TO BE ADDED SHORTLY] This 1962 Austin Mini “Super” – a rare, little-known model — is a classic “barn find,” it was discovered near Portland, Oregon after being parked […]

Sold1966 Austin Mini Magenta

Austin “Mini Magenta” Roadster [located in Seattle, WA]

UPDATE: Seller reports it sold – for $35k!! Built on a 1966 Austin Mini, this unique lightweight roadster is a rare “Mini Magenta,” one of only 40 built by renowned UK coachbuilder Lightspeed. Its standard engine has been replaced with 1275cc engine (the largest factory-fitted displacement) and weighs just 850 lbs, so performance is increased […]

Sold1961 Austin Mini pickup

(Updated w/ magazine feature) Chevy V8-powered ’61 Austin Mini pickup [in Riverside, SoCal]

Viper Red Exterior

UPDATE: SOLD, SOLD, SOLD! Enclosed trailer now available separately!   UPDATE: New Details: Link to feature article in Truckin Magazine:   1961 Austin Mini pickup – now with small-block Chevy V8 and automatic transmission w/ overdrive 4th. Narrowed 9″ Ford rear end w/ posi. ’65 Corvette 327 365-hp engine upgraded with aluminum heads and […]

Sold1967 Austin Cooper S

1967 Mk2 Cooper S w/ 1275cc [near Chicago, IL]

Black Exterior

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Southern California!   1967 Mk2 Cooper S 1275cc Cooper S engine 4-speed Black Genuine Austin Cooper S, a late ’67 model so it’s a “Mk2” model, the rare classic Minis sold in the U.S. just prior to the British automaker’s withdrawal from the […]

Sold1967 Austin Mini

VTEC-powered Mini project ( $4,000+) [in San Jose]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! VTEC Mini project w/ virtually all parts FINE PRINT: Yes, the ’67 classic Mini is $4,000 – BUT, you then have to pay LESS THAN HALF PRICE for all the VTEC conversion parts (that you’ll need anyway), along with other parts already included, (etc. […]

Sold1970 Austin Mini

(GONE!) Cool orange Sport Pack Mini w/ A/C, 5-speed! [4 Sale by Owner in Thousand Oaks, SoCal]

Orange Exterior, Beige Interior

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! NOTE: This is For Sale by Owner. Contact us to be introduced to the private party seller. UPDATE: Several short Videos posted to YouTube. Search for “ORANGESPORTPACK” (comes up on 2nd or 3rd page of results?) UPDATE: Email for links to 100+ fresh pics! […]

Sold1972 Austin Mini

BRG Sport Pack Mini w/ silver roof

British Racing Green W/ Silver Roof Exterior

UPDATE: Dec. 17 – seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home – with the first person to go see it! Just posted – Nov. 28! More info to follow… British Racing Green (BRG) w/ silver roof, silver bonnet stripes and silver side mirrors. Has 1275cc engine w/ 4-speed, 4-synchro trans. Single SU […]

Sold1970 Austin Sport Pack Mini

Tahiti Blue Sport Pack w/ silver roof [in Seattle, WA]

Tahiti Blue W/ Silver Roof Exterior

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This Mini is a bit famous, you might say. It has a familiar “voice,” the one actually heard in the Sony xBox video game “________.” MiniGuy had been contacted by Sony’s sound labs in Seattle where the company’s game developers were looking for an […]

Sold1976 Austin pickup conversion

(GONE!) Screaming Yellow Pickup (in Montana)

Ferrari Yellow Exterior

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Martha’s Vineyard! Note: Although this nice pickup is in Montana, we can arrange nationwide door-to-door transport and an escrow service to protect you and the seller. Contact us for details, license and multiple references. This bright Ferrari yellow pickup is incredibly clean and […]

Sold1960 Morris Mini

( GONE! ) Project ’60 Mk1 w/o engine – ideal for VTEC conversion ( $2,500 ) [in Reseda, SoCal]

( UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! ) Austin Mk1 Mini project – Does not have engine, front suspension or interior. Ideal for Honda VTEC conversion. California title and license plates; registered non-op (ie: so no back DMV fees due). Front sheet metal and “wings” (fenders) already removed and tossed, […]