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Sold1982 Austin Mini w/ VTEC engine conversion

(GONE!) Mini with Honda VTEC engine conversion (190hp!) [in Westminster, SoCal]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home on the East Coast! 1982 Austin Mini w/ 190+ hp Honda VTEC engine conversion. VERY fast! Right-hand-drive (RHD) steering. Go-Fast Features: Minitec B18C1 1998 Acura Integra GSR Motor with LS 5-speed manual transmission and Quaife limited-slip differential. Custom-tuned ECU, Blox cams and new stainless […]

Sold1966 Morris Mk1 Mini

(GONE!) 1966 Mk1 Mini w/ whimsical wind-up key! [in Lancaster, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! Whimsical wind-up key on bootlid spins when dash switch is flipped! (mounted without holes drilled in body, so it’s removable.) Genuine Mk1 Mini w/ 850cc and 4-speed manual transmission. Right-hand-drive (RHD) steering – but all Minis come with the holes and mountings to put […]

Sold1967 Austin Mini

(GONE!) Mk3 Mini w/ sunroof, discs, and Minilights! [Ft. Smith, Ark.]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Indiana! This very clean, yellow Mk3 Mini has been upgraded with many desirable features, including full-size pull-back sunroof, “Cooper S” front disc brakes and twin “Cooper S” fuel tanks. Wheels upgraded to classic 10” Minilight-style (8-spoke) alloys w/ Yokohama rubber. Interior upgrades include […]

Sold1974 Austin Mini

(GONE!) Cool Classic Mini – and a Sunroof Too! [in New Orleans, LA]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to it’s new home in New Mexico! At $8.5k, this one won’t stick around long! [update: and it didn’t!] This clean, classic Austin Mini gets smiles, waves and thumbs-ups wherever it goes! Fresh pics available, it looks much better in person! The 1275cc engine (largest factory-fitted engine size […]

Sold1970 Leyland Mini Moke

( GONE! ) Restored, and Ready Moke w/ 1275cc and disc brakes! [above Detroit, Michigan]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home on the West Coast! The best value on a classic Mini Moke – like this one – is when a previous owner invested so much into it that the money will never be recovered when the car is sold! This really nice Moke is […]

Sold1968 Morris Mini Cooper

(GONE!) Genuine ’68 Morris Mini Cooper w/ Heritage Certificate [in Valencia, SoCal]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! Genuine 1968 Mk2 Morris 998 Cooper. Heritage Certificate. Has its proper 998cc Cooper (performance) engine with twin carbs, as well as Cooper disc brakes. Has its factory Cooper stock steel wheels and stainless hubcaps. Has full pull-back sunroof. It’s a true Mk2 model, so […]

Sold1900 Austin Mini

(GONE!) Super-clean Mini Cooper w/ 1275cc, disc brakes [in Ventura, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! UPDATE: Price reduced to $15k! This very clean Cooper-style Mini looks very sharp — its hard-to-find (purplish-burgundy) color is accented with a contrasting silver roof, twin silver bonnet stripes and silver door mirrors. Its 1275cc engine (the largest from the factory) has the 90-hp […]

$10,0001973 Austin Mini pickup

(rarely-seen!) classic Mini pickup [near Santa Barbara, CA]

Just posted! More pics and details to follow…. Mini pickups are very rare – many people have never seen one in person, which makes driving one all that much more fun! This yellow Mini pickup was until recently a promotional vehicle for an Atlanta, GA roofing company – where it received LOTS of attention! (For […]

Sold1964 Austin Mini

(GONE!) genuine Mk1, upgraded to 1275cc engine [Milwaukee, Wisc.]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This 1964 Austin Mini is a genuine Mk1 model, so it has the unique doors with the cool, quirky sliding windows and external door hinges, along with the distinctive “mustache grille” with “whiskers,” (the grille style found on ’59 to mid-’67 Austin and Morris […]

Sold1972 Austin Mini Clubman

( Wow! ) Cool Convertible Mini [on Maui, Hawaii – can ship!]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! 1972 Mini Clubman, modified with convertible top and rollbar. A total blast to drive! All classic Minis will put a stupid, silly grin on your face as you motor down the road, but a Mini with a convertible top just makes it even more […]

Sold1984 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) Black 1984 classic Mini w/ fresh 1275cc [in San Diego, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home out of state! Freshly rebuilt 1275cc engine (have receipts for $4,624.46). Manual transmission is four-speed, four-synchro “rod-shift” (stronger, smoother-shifting) model. 12″ alloy wheels with small black wheel arches (aka “flares.”) Front disc brakes, the larger 8.4″ diameter discs. Right-hand-drive (RHD) steering. Original UK number […]

Sold1963 Austin Mini Cooper

(GONE!) Mk1 Mini Cooper w/ 1275cc and discs [near Sacramento, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Colorado! This genuine 1963 Mk1 Austin “Cooper” has been upgraded to a 1275cc engine, its original 7″ Cooper brakes have been swapped out with oversized KAD 7.9″ discs, and the stock suspension has been extensively upgraded. An excellent-running Mini built to be a […]

$20,0001900 Austin Mini Convertible

Mini Convertible in Nightfire Red, matching top [near New York City]

This “Nightfire Red” Mini cabrio is believed to be one of last factory-built convertible Minis produced, and it has the correct, color-coordinating red top. In immaculate condition, this Mini reportedly looks, runs, and drives like new! Left-hand-drive (LHD) steering. Has 1275cc engine (largest factory-fitted size available) with electronic ignition and single-point (SPI) fuel injection for […]

Sold1961 Austin Mini Convertible

Cool Convertible Mini w/ 1275cc [in Prescott, AZ]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to a new home! 1961 Austin Mini Cooper Cabriolet. Completely rebuilt with new 1996 Rover Cabriolet steel body. All new suspension and 4 wheel disc brakes. Fitted with 10″ Minilight-style (8-spoke) alloys. Rebuilt 1275 cc engine; transmission is four-speed, four-synchro “rod-shift” (stronger, smoother-shifting). Awesome stereo system. Zero […]

$5,5001973 Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300

($5.5k!) Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 [near Santa Barbara, CA]

Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300. More details to follow, contact us in the mean time… Runs, but needs extensive rust repairs; some of the new sheet metal body panels are included (see pics) Needs paint, interior work and carpets, tires, bumpers, etc. (new bumpers are only $100 each!) Badging says Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300, the Minis built […]

1989 Austin Mini

red ’89 Mini w/ 998cc, discs [in San Diego, CA]

More info and engine photos to follow… Please note that it CANNOT be titled in California. This Mini has been upgraded to a 1275cc engine and has front disc brakes with brake servo and left-hand-drive (LHD) steering. Manual transmission is four-speed, four-synchro “rod-shift” (stronger, smoother-shifting) model. Wheels are 12″ Minilight-style (8 spoke) alloys with black […]

Austin Mini w/ Sport Pack styling

(on hold!) Black Sport Pack-style Mini [near New York City]

UPDATE: Sale is on hold for the time being. Seller having second thoughts about sending the Mini to a new home. It’s a nice Mini and would be hard to replace for the asking price. Contact us if you’d like updates…   Left-hand-drive (LHD) steering. 1275cc w/ 4-speed manual. 13″ Revolution alloys with Sport Pack-style […]

Sold1966 Morris Mini

( GONE! ) Silver Mk1 w/ 1275cc – fresh engine and paint! [above Detroit, MI]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new in Arizona! This 1966 Mini is a true Mk1 model, so it has the doors with external door hinges and sliding windows, along with the small oval taillights and the distinctive Mk1 “mustache grille” with “whiskers.” A 1275cc engine replaces the Mini’s original 850cc version, […]

1967 Austin Moke

Unfinished Mini Moke Project [in Tennessee]

IMPORTANT NOTE: The pics of yellow Moke are from 2012, just BEFORE the restoration began, then stalled after uncovering significant floor cancer and prior body damage that had been bodged. A complete new full-length floor was sourced out of the UK. (Virtually all Moke panels are being reproduced in the UK, making body restorations much […]

Sold1970 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) Yellow Mk3 Mini w/ sunroof, 1275cc [in Long Beach/Catalina, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Indiana! Bright yellow Mini with black bonnet stripes, full-size electric sunroof, 1275cc engine and 12″ Minilight-style (8-spoke) alloys with yellow, color-matching spokes and small, black wheel arches (ie: “flares.”) Front disc brakes; fresh brakes and drums in the rear. It’s a Mk3 model, […]

Sold1969 Morris Mini

( GONE! ) genuine 1969 Mk2 Mini – original, unmolested [in Long Beach, CA]

( just posted. WOW, that was fast, sold the same day it was posted! Always good to check with us directly to see what might be available that’s not yet posted to the site!) It’s a genuine, unmolested Mk2 model, so it still has the distinctive doors that have sliding windows and external hinges, like […]

$6,0001975 Austin Mini

Navy Blue Mk3 Mini w/ 998cc and automatic [near Santa Barbara]

Runs and drives, has 998cc engine and automatic transmission. Has stock 12″ steel wheels; tires are 50% rear, 25% front. Front disc brakes. No cancer or rot, just three tiny areas of surface rust? Has trailer hitch for lightweight trailers, such as small camping trailers. (Hitches are rarely seen on Minis!) Cloth interior in good […]

Sold1973 Austin Mini Cooper

( GONE! ) mid-’60’s “Mk1 Cooper S”-inspired Mini w/ modern features [in Austin, Texas]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This is hands-down MiniGuy’s favorite Mini!! It’s reportedly a  late-model Mini that’s been converted to mimic the exterior of classic mid-’60’s Mk1 “Austin Mini Cooper S,” yet retains its modern mechanicals: Reliability features such as fuel injection and breakerless electronic ignition; comfort and convenience […]

Sold1967 Morris Mini Cooper S rebodied

(GONE! @$18.5k) 1967 Morris Cooper S (rebodied, now titled 1962!) [in Santa Barbara, CA]

Update: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE! PLEASE NOTE: The legitimate ’67S was rebodied with a rust-free ’62 Mk1 shell, and it’s properly titled as the ’62 donor. Heritage Certificate confirms the authenticity of the donor Mini, a factory left-hand-drive (LHD) model that was sold new in Southern California – and it’s always been a […]

Sold1969 Austin Mini

($12k! ) Checkered-Roof Mini w/ Easy-access Flip Front! [in Iowa]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home near Las Vegas!   (More pics and details to follow!) All the goodies!  Has 1275cc engine, manual shift transmission, left-hand-drive (LHD.) Flip front for ease of access. Comes with a huge amount of new, NOS and rebuilt parts – many of the parts very […]

Sold1900 Austin Sport Pack Mini

(GONE!) Dark Blue (almost black) Sport Pack [in Southern Calif.]

Update: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in another state! UPDATE: SUSPENSION UPGRADES: (about $2,600 in parts alone!) * Upgraded to coil springs (red, medium stiffness), in place of stock rubber “cones.” * Hi-Lo adjustable suspension * Spax shocks with adjustable damping * Sumpguard with “Mini” cutout lettering * Sway bars […]

Sold1970 Austin Mini

(GONE!) cheap project Mini – such a deal! [in Whittier, SoCal]

UPDATE: Wow, that was fast! Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to a new home! (just posted!) It’s super, super-cheap and really rough – but we’d sure like to see it saved and back on the road! (Sold as-is!) This “Mk3 model” Mini is fitted with a 998cc and a four-speed, four-synchro transmission, versus the […]

Sold1967 Austin Mk1 Cooper S

(GONE!) Mk1 1275 Austin Cooper S w/ Heritage Cert! [near Atlanta, GA]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE,GONE, GONE to its new home! Fully restored, completed 2014. Has fewer than 100 sorting-out miles. Heritage Certificate documents its authenticity as a North American Export model originally sold new in the U.S.A. and built as factory left-hand-drive (LHD). The rare, genuine Mk1 Austin 1275 Cooper S – still in its […]

Sold1967 Austin Mk1 Cooper S

( GONE! ) white67mk1S – photos taken during restoration…

Photos taken during the restoration of White 1967 Mk1 Cooper S … UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE,GONE, GONE to its new home! [ ID# WHITE67MK1S_RESTO ] For shots of finished car, see ID# WHITE67MK1S    

Sold1900 Austin Mini Sport Pack

(GONE!) special-edition ‘Blue Star’ Sport Pack Mini (one of 500) [near Los Angeles ]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Texas! This special-edition “Blue Star” Mini was produced in 1996 exclusively for the German market; reportedly only 500 were built. A number of features were unique to the model. Exterior clues include special striping and Blue Star script along rear flanks. (a PDF […]