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Sold1979 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) blue Mk3 w/ stunning paint! [in Columbus, Ohio]

UPDATE: This Mini has GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Denver! This bright blue 1979 Mini has undergone a bare-shell, rotisserie restoration and has stunning paintwork, including twin white bonnet stripes. The exterior features quad front driving lights and a removable period-style roof rack with wood slats. The 10″ wheels are deep-dish alloys; […]

Sold1976 Morris Moke

Australian Moke with 1275cc, power disc brakes [in New York City]

This is a genuine 1976 Australian-built Morris Mini Moke. The white body is accented with a green canvas top and spare wheel cover. The engine has been upgraded to a 1275cc and sports an alloy “Speedwell” rocker cover and single SU carb. The transmission is a four-speed manual model with an alloy gearshift-extension and alloy […]

Sold1972 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) VTEC-powered Mini with Air Conditioning! [in Dallas, TX]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to a new home! This 1972 classic Mk3 Mini is finished in Atomic Orange paint (2007 Corvette color) and is fitted with a Honda b18 LS VTEC engine, a 5-speed manual transmission and Air Conditioning! The steering is right hand drive (RHD). AWD-Ready! The rear subframe area and tunnel are […]

1976 Austin Mini

bright yellow VTEC-powered ’76 Mini [in Southern California]

This 1976 Mini is fitted with a Honda Civic Si D16 Sohc VTEC engine that has been dyno-tuned at 165whp! The freshly built motor is mated with a 5-speed transmission fitted with a 3.7 final drive gearing that provides quick acceleration and comfortable cruising at highway speeds. The professional conversion was performed by M.C.M. of […]

Sold1969 Austin Moke

( GONE! ) Mini Moke Californian w/ 1275cc and discs [in North Hollywood, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This white Mini Moke is an Australian-built Leyland “Californian” model, the premium version that features a 1275cc engine (the largest factory-fitted size for any Mini), front disc brakes, a galvanized body (to prevent rust), 13” white spoker wheels, a factory-fitted roll bar with […]

1966 Austin Mini Cooper S

unfinished ’66 Cooper S w/ Heritage Certificate

Possibly coming soon! (Feel free to contact us directly in the mean time…) 1966 Austin Cooper S Heritage Certificate 1275cc Cooper S engine. Original 3-synchro transmission U.S. market car Body and paintwork already completed. Almond Green with Old English White roof Original seat upholstery in very good condition (gray-green brocade) Needs assembly Unmolested, unmodified Second […]

$6,5001970 Morris Mini

project Mini w/ 1275cc, discs, 13″ alloys and flip front! [in Las Vegas]

This Mk3 Mini project features a 1275cc engine, front disc brakes, 13″ alloys and a fiberglass flip front. After the paint was stripped, it was discovered that significant metal repairs would be required. It was reportedly running and driving well, prior to teardown for body work. All glass and the interior are included. Features: 1275cc engine […]

Sold1973 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) blue LHD Mini w/ Air Conditioning [in Los Angeles]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This Mini has Air Conditioning! Blue with a silver roof and silver bonnet stripes Rebuilt “mild hi-po” 1275cc engine Updated with power door locks, alarm system, Bluetooth audio and hands-free calling New upholstery, new carpets. Soundproofing added. The manual transmission is a 4-speed,  […]

Sold1983 Austin

( GONE! ) Mini Panel Van w/ 1275cc and discs [in Knoxville, TN]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This black 1983 Mini panel van has been upgraded with a 1275cc engine, front disc brakes, 12″ alloy wheels, small black wheels arches and an updated front grille. Ideal for promotional use for businesses by adding company name and logo! The manual transmission […]

Sold1971 Austin Mini pickup

( GONE! ) It’s a rare Mini pickup! [in San Jose, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This 1971 Mini pickup is one the more-rare models of classic Minis, particularly in the United States. It’s rare to see one – and even more rare to see one come up for sale! This pickup was imported from the UK, so it […]

Sold1900 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) rare, Limited-Edition 40th-Anniversary “Mini John Cooper LE” [in Portland, OR]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to a new home! This is a rare, “Mini John Cooper LE” – a special, limited-edition model created to pay tribute not only to the Mini’s 40th year, but also the 40th anniversary of the Cooper F1 World Championship. The model was only available only in the […]

Sold1900 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) red Mini w/ a white roof, 1275cc and 10″ Minilights [in Southern California ]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This super-clean Mini Cooper has a 1275cc engine and an odometer showing 3,300 miles, believed to be original miles. The classic red exterior is accented a white roof, white bonnet stripes, and white side-view mirrors. The 10″ Minilight alloys are fitted with Yokohama […]

$16,5001960 Austin Mini

’60 Austin Countryman woodie w/ 997cc Cooper engine/disc brakes [Buffalo, NY/Canada]

This 1960 Austin Mini Countryman woodie is among the first built after production of the Estate wagons began in Sept. 1960; it was built on Nov. 7, 1960. It has since been upgraded with a (genuine) 997cc “Cooper” (factory performance) engine with twin SU carbs and Cooper front disc brakes. The 4-speed manual transmission is […]

1965 Austin Mini Cooper S

British Racing Green Austin Cooper 1275 S! [in Tennessee]

This British Racing Green (BRG) 1965 Austin Cooper 1275 “S” has the proper 1275cc Cooper “S” engine with twin SU carbs, a 120-mph Cooper “S” speedo and other features unique to the S models, as well as the proper brackets. The original Almond Green color is still visible under the carpets and the original floors […]

1966 Austin Mini Cooper S

genuine ’66 Austin Mk1 Cooper 1275 S (for restoration)

Genuine 1966 Austin Mk1 1275 Cooper S complete project (for restoration) NOTE: Although some photos show it as a bare shell, both subframes and wheels are now installed. Note: For easier transport, it now rolls. The subframes/ wheels are now installed; all the loose parts will fit inside. Although the complete, new one-piece floor (including […]

Sold1967 Austin Mini Cooper S

( GONE! ) genuine Austin ’67 Mk2 Cooper S [in Los Angeles, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This Austin Cooper S is a Mk2 model that appears to be a genuine S and has features specific to factory-built S models, including the 1275cc “S” motor with twin SU carbs, S disc brakes in front, an oil cooler, brake servo (booster), […]

Sold1974 Innocenti Mini

( GONE! ) red Innocenti “Mini Cooper 1300” with 1275cc and disc brakes [in Tampa, FL]

Wow! SOLD to the first person who saw it – Never even made it on the public website! (Contact us for others that aren’t yet added – or to ask about our Buyer’s Agent services that put you towards the front of the line!) This red 1974 Innocenti (Italian-built) is a “Mini Cooper 1300″ model […]

$7,5001985 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) LHD Mini Mayfair w/ red stripes and 998cc [near St. Louis, MO]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Orlando, Florida! This clean white Mini is a “Mayfair” model fitted with a 998cc engine, a four-speed manual transmission and front disc brakes. It was sold new in Italy, so the steering is factory left-hand-drive (LHD) – and the owner’s manual is in […]

Sold1999 Rover Mini

(GONE!) 40th Anniversary Sport Pack w/ automatic and A/C! [Portland, OR]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! A similar one might be available – contact us. This Special Edition 40th Anniversary Sport Pack has Air Conditioning and an Automatic Transmission! Burgundy with a white roof Steering is factory right-hand-drive (RHD) 40th Anniversary bonnet badge 40th Anniversary white-face gauges with 40th emblem […]

Sold1966 Riley Elf

( GONE! ) Riley Elf w/ 180-hp Honda VTEC engine & A/C! [in Austin, TX]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! Just added videos! More on request… This 1966 Riley Elf was built in-house by Minitec and features a 180-hp Honda VTEC engine, a 5-speed manual transmission – and air conditioning! It’s said to be docile under normal driving – but scary fast when […]

Sold1963 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) white “Cooper-ized” Mk1 Mini woodie w/ 1275cc [in Los Angeles]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! Contact us about other woodies that haven’t yet been added to the public side of the site… This 1963 Mk1 Austin Mini Countryman is a woodie wagon that has been upgraded with a 1275cc with SU twin carbs and a performance exhaust system. […]

Sold1980 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) burgundy Mini w/ Automatic and Air Conditioning! [in Seattle, WA]

UPDATE: Seller reports that this Mini has GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This burgundy Mini with a white roof and white bonnet stripes has a 1275cc engine, an automatic transmission – and air conditioning!  The exterior features quad driving lights in front, 12″ Minilight-style (8-spoke) alloy wheels and small black wheel arches. The […]

Sold1966 Austin VTEC Mini

( GONE! ) red Mk1 Mini (nearly done) w/ Honda VTEC swap [in Sacramento, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to a new home! UPDATE: It’s up and running now! (videos here…) This Mini is nearing completion after a restoration that includes a Honda VTEC engine conversion using a B18C1 engine and 5-speed manual transmission. It also has air conditioning. The front sheet metal and bonnet have […]

$23,5001970 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) 170-hp VTEC-powered Mini w/ steel front [near Santa Barbara, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to a new home! Honda B16A VTEC engine conversion. Estimated 170 hp. Integra Is manual 5-speed transmission with limited-slip differential. Stealth Mode: No external clues that this isn’t a conventionally-powered classic Mini! New 13″ alloy wheels with new tires. Sport Pack wheel arches (flares) Modified Minitec front subframe. Front […]

1 Mini Meet

( 200+ photos! ) 2017 Mini Meet West

Mini Meet West 2017 Santa Rosa, California June 23-26, 2017 Thanks to all the organizers for a GREAT job!

Sold1972 Austin Mini

(GONE! + color coating removed! ) VTEC-powered Mini with Air Conditioning [in Texas]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! NOTE: Color is now back to the “Atomic Orange” VTEC Mini‘s color- with no damage! You can read more about the product (and see videos) on: Here’s a video that explains the process. Keep in mind that the application of the DipYourCar product on […]

Sold1966 Morris Mini Traveller woodie

( GONE! ) stunning Sport Pack Woodie w/ 1275cc + discs [in Los Angeles]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home!   This 1966 Morris Traveler “woodie wagon” retains the classic Mini flavor, but is updated with Sport Pack wheel arches (flares) in front and custom-built English Ash wheel arches incorporated into the traditional English Ash (as original) woodwork.The body was taken to bare metal […]

$13,5001978 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) Mk3 w/ 1275cc, discs & Minilights! [in Florida]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Oklahoma! This quick-and-clean ’78 Mk3 Mini has all new paint, an upgrade to a freshly-rebuilt 1275cc engine with new twin-SU carbs, Cooper S front disc brakes, fully-adjustable suspension and 10” Minilight alloys. It has fewer than 300 miles since it was built using […]

Sold1900 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) Tahiti Blue Sport Pack w/ sunroof [in Southern CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Florida! The super-clean Tahiti Blue Mini is a genuine Sport Pack model, so it wears the 13″ Sport Pack alloys and Sport Pack wheel arches (flares). It has a full-size electric sunroof and quad driving lights in front; the middle two are yellow […]

$19,5001976 Austin Mini

genuine Mini Clubman 1275 GT [in New Jersey]

This is a genuine Mini Clubman “1275 GT,” the factory high-performance Mini that replaced the “Cooper S” models, yet kept the Cooper S engine and Cooper S front disc brakes. The recent restoration included new paint, new interior and a rebuilt engine. Twin rally-style driving spotlights have been added in front. Exterior upgrades include 10″ […]