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Sold1959 Morris Mini

No Photo

1959 Morris Mini – project car w/ 1275cc – no rust! [ located near Tucson, Arizona ]

2 Door, Primer Exterior

This Mini is particularly significant for collectors, since 1959 was the first year that Minis were built. This project Mini hasn’t run in more than 10 years, but it’s a good, solid “rust-free” body shell that’s ideal for restoration for someone who hates to weld or replace body panels. My spotter says it’s the most […]

Sold1962 Morris Mini w/ rollup windows

No Photo

Mini — Yellow w/ brown interior [now located in Orem, Utah]

Yellow Exterior, Brown Interior

Not pristine — but a great starter Mini! This 1962 Morris Mini has been “reshelled” with a early-70’s Mk3 body shell, so it now has the roll-up windows instead of the sliders that came on the early Minis. It runs well, and drives great. Its engine has been replaced as some point. The engine tag […]

Sold1970 Austin Mini

No Photo

Red & White Mini ‘Cooper Lookalike’ [near Denver, CO]

Red W/ White Roof Exterior, Black - Half Leather Interior

This quick and clean red Mini features a white roof, white bonnet stripes, twin driving lights in front, 12″ Minilite-style (8 spoke) alloy wheels, and small black flares (also known as “wheel arches”). Its 1275cc, single-carb engine means you can cruise comfortably at 70-80 mph. Updated with newer body shell, better brakes, a locking steering […]

Sold1963 Morris Mini panel van w/ windows

No Photo

1963 Mini Panel Van w/ side windows

Light Yellow Exterior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! Light yellow. Lots of rust, hasn’t run in years – and not sure if it would. Basically, a total project car. If you can’t do most of the work yourself, you may want to pass on this one. Mini panel vans have no rear seat, but can be added. (Owner sold […]

Sold1972 Morris Mini

No Photo

1972 Mk3 Mini (not a reshell) w/ 1340cc

Avocado Green Exterior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE – to its new home out of state! This Avocado Green Mini really needs paint and carpets, but it’s got goodies such as a 1340cc engine, white flares, wide wheels, power brakes and an aftermarket steering wheel. Not a reshell; it’s an original Mk3 body. The odometer reads 98K miles; not […]

Sold1971 Morris Mini

No Photo

1971 Morris Mini [Not for use in Calif.]

Dark British Racing Green W/ White Roof Exterior, Cow-print Seat Covers Interior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE – to its new home out-of-state! This Mini is an Australian-assembled model, so it has the highly sought-after roll-up windows with wind wings, along with the external door hinges, Mk1-type “moustache” grill and small rear taillights that were fitted to the OZ cars until the early ’70s. (The UK-built Minis went […]

Sold1973 Mini retro-style Cooper lookalike

Blue (retro-style) Mini [was in UK, now in South Carolina]

Medium Blue Exterior

NOTE: Ones like this are no longer available for California. Here’s one built-to-order for a South Carolina customer, and our good friend in the UK can build you a similar one. Let us know your wish list and budget range, and we’ll introduce you to him. This retro-style Mini “Cooper lookalike” has a full-length Webasto-type […]

Sold1968 Austin Mini

Red Mk2 w/sliding windows; no engine

Red Exterior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! [note: not for use in California]’ Seller has engines available for it, if needed. Contact us for more info. Seller is asking $2,500. [ID# REDMK2AAA] UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! [note: ones like this – ’68-’74 – are not for use in California]

Sold1972 Morris or Austin Mini

No Photo

British Racing Green Mini [not for use in Calif.]

British Racing Green (BRG) Exterior

GONE, GONE, GONE! Fresh British Racing Green (BRG) paint inside and out, including engine compartment. White roof with white bonnet stripes. Upgraded with newer-type shell, engine, wiring, locking steering column, etc. Good used, low-mileage motor. Drum brakes upgraded to dual-braking system. Classic 10″ steel wheels with hubcaps. [ ID# Y477L ] (not for use in […]

Sold1967 Austin Mini woodie wagon

No Photo

Austin Traveller / Woodie Wagon – 1275cc engine

Almond Green Exterior, Dark Green Leather Interior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! (This one was finished and sold, but our good friend in the UK can can build another for you – and ship it direct to you! (Note: Does not apply to ’68-’74 Minis going to California). He typically uses a freshly rebuilt 1275cc engine, new wood kit and new interior. This […]

Sold1970 Mini

Countryman Sport – Handbuilt by M-tech [not for use in Calif.]

Primrose Yellow Exterior, Tan Leather W/ Contrasting Piping Interior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! [Not available for use in California; call for details] This custom, built-to-order “Countryman Sport” is already in its new home, but our good friend can build another to your specs. This woodie features a leather interior. Check out the photos for a look at the quality level. Call or e-mail with […]

Sold1973 Morris Mini

No Photo

Red/White Mini ‘Cooper lookalike’ [not for use in California]

Red W/ White Roof Exterior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! [NOTE: Not for use in Calif.; contact us for details.] This one is sold, but our friend in the UK could build you a similar one. Let us know if you’d like us to introduce you. Originally a Mk3 Mini with roll-up windows, it has been upgraded. Improvements include a newer […]

Sold1964 Morris or Austin Mini

No Photo

1964 Austin – red with white roof, bonnet stripes

Red W/ White Roof Exterior, Brown Interior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! Fresh paint. Good-looking, great-driving daily driver. 998cc A+ engine. Cruises at 70 mph without even breathing hard. Right-hand drive. Roll-up windows, locking steering column, updated with safer, dual-circuit braking system. Solid body shell. Updated with newer shell, doors, wiring, etc. $5,000. Shipping costs of about $1,200 – $1,500 not included. Alloy […]

Sold1964 Austin updated Woodie wagon

No Photo

Mini Countryman (Woodie wagon)

Almond Green Exterior, Light Green Interior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! This “replica” Woodie Wagon has a newer shell, originally a Clubman Estate one converted to the traditional “roundnose” Mini front end. The conversion meant using all new sheet metal, including the fenders and front panel. Wood kit is new. Has roll-up windows. Interior is all new, including the carpets. Mint green […]

Sold1973 Morris or Austin Mini

1973 Mini – Red w/ silver roof [not for use in Calif.]

Candy Apple Red W/ Silver Roof Exterior, Black Interior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! [note: not for use in California] Still has its original body shell. Has wide flares, front spoiler, Minilite-style (8-spoke) alloys. Originally one 1,000cc engine, now upgraded to a 1275cc. [ID# 73REDSILV] UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! [note: not for use in California]

Sold1963 Morris Mini

No Photo

1963 Morris Mini w/ 1275cc, Minilite-style alloys [ located in UK; headed to USA soon!]

Almond Green Exterior, Black Interior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! This very clean “Almond Green” Mk1 Mini is a 1963 model, so it has all the classic Mini features, such as external hinges, sliding windows, the “moustache” grill and the small oval taillights. It has also been upgraded with Minilite-style (8-spoke) alloys and a black vinyl interior. Upgraded with a 1275cc […]

Sold1969 Austin Mini woodie wagon

( GONE! ) 1969 Mini Traveller / Countryman – Woody Wagon

Almond Green Exterior

UPDATE: GONE, GONE, GONE! – To its new home in Michigan! Mini Magazine featured this incredible, hand-built Almond Green woodie wagon on its December 1998 cover article. The “Countryman Sport,” is a custom creation of M-tech, of the UK. The builder – Michael Waterjohns – said his intent was to update an older Mini as […]

Sold1964 Austin Mini woodie wagon

No Photo

1964 Austin Mini woodie wagon, LHD & OZ rollup windows [located in Sun Valley, SoCal ]

Blue Exterior

UPDATE: SOLD for $7,000 – call or email for other Minis that are not yet added to this “Consignment” page. Fresh paint and comes with all new (unfinished) wood kit and pair of rare Australian roll-up window doors. Call for more details. [ ID #BluWoodLHD ]