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1980 Austin Mini pickup

( just posted! ) bright blue Mini pickup w/ custom, lift-up bed cover [in Denver, CO]

(just posted…) Classic Mini pickups are rare and getting very hard to find! This bright blue Mini pickup sports a white roof and a white custom, lift-up bed cover. Upgrades include 10″ Minilight-style alloys, quad driving lights and a color-coordinated interior. It is powered by an 850cc engine and has a 4-speed manual transmission. A […]

1993 Rover Mini

( just posted! ) clean Mini w/ 1275cc, 4-speed, Air Conditioning, only 7k miles & Retro Interior [in Portland, Oregon]

(Just posted!)  This very clean Mini has factory Air Conditioning, zero rust and super-low miles – just 6,800 miles logged since new! It is fitted with a 1275cc engine (the largest factory-fitted engine available) that features electronic ignition and (SPI) fuel injection. The transmission is a four-speed manual. The paintwork is in exceptional condition with […]

1968 Morris Mini Cooper S

super-clean, genuine Morris Mini Cooper S [in Grand Rapids area, Michigan]

This legitimate Morris Mini Cooper S is an Australian-market model, so it has the iconic external-hinge doors, but with rollup windows and wind wings (aka quarterlights) for extra ventilation. The Cooper S 1275cc engine is the factory high-performance fitted to the S models. The exterior colors are unique to the Australian-market models and are original […]

$8,5001962 Austin Mini

Mk1 Austin Mini w/ 1,100cc upgrade [between Fresno/Bakersfield CA area]

This driver-quality Mk1 Mini has been upgraded with an 1,100cc engine and a 4-speed manual transmission. It reportedly runs and drives well. The paint and interior are rather scruffy. Four-speed manual transmission Left-hand-drive (LHD) steering It’s a genuine Mk1 model, so it has the unique doors with the quirky sliding windows and external door hinges, […]

$22,5001974 Mini Marcos

’74 Mini Marcos Mk4 w/ 1275cc [in San Antonio, TX]

This 1974 Mini Marcos is a Mk4 model and is fitted with a high-performance 1275cc engine from Seven Enterprises, twin SU carbs, a 4-speed manual rod-shift transmission, Cooper S (7.5″) disc brakes, 10″x6″ Minilight-style (8 spoke) alloys with Yokohamo A008 tires, a front-mounted aluminum radiator and a full complement of gauges, and a rollbar/cage. It […]

$22,5001900 Austin Mini

British Racing Green special-edition Sport Pack w/ 8k miles [in Austin, TX]

This British Racing Green (BRG) Mini is a Special Edition 40th Anniversary Sport Pack model that was reportedly sent to Holland when new, then immediately crossed the pond to Texas, where it has resided since imported in 1999. The odometer shows 8,808 original miles; all but seven were added during the seller’s ownership. The original […]

$25,0001900 Austin

bright silver Sport Pack Mini w/ leather interior [in New Orleans]

This bright silver Sport Pack Mini is a genuine, special-edition 40th Anniversary “Knightsbridge” model with 14k original miles. The original paint and burgundy leather interior remain in excellent, like-new condition. The steering is factory left-hand-drive (LHD). Fully freeway capable; cruises at 70 mph-plus without even breathing hard!   Exterior Features: 13×7” genuine Sport Pack (8-spoke) […]

Sold1965 Morris Mini Cooper S

( GONE! ) custom red ’65 Mk1 Cooper S [CA title, in Portland, OR]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This is a legit ’65 Mk1 Morris Cooper S that has a Heritage Certificate that documents its authenticity. It is a California black-plate car that reportedly has zero rust! It retains its original hydrolastic (“wet”) suspension, so it rides and handles very well.The […]

$18,5001970 Austin Mini

BRG Mini w/ 1380cc & 4-wheel discs [in Phoenix, AZ]

This British Racing Green (BRG) Mini has a 1275cc engine (bored to 1380cc) and a 4-speed manual “rod shift” (stronger, smoother-shifting) transmission. Performance upgrades include 4-wheel disc brakes, fully adjustable suspension, coil spring conversion and electronic ignition. The steering is left-hand-drive (LHD).   Exterior Upgrades: The 10×6” Minilight-style (8-spoke) alloys have gold centers and polished […]

$13,0001971 Morris Mini

( GONE! ) bright blue convertible w/ 1275cc, disc brakes and new top [near Tampa, FL

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This bright blue Mini convertible has a 1275cc engine, 4-speed manual transmission, disc brakes, nice paint, a new convertible top and boot – and everything works! The color is Caribbean Turquoise, a 2017 MINI color. The odometer shows about 10,000 miles (reads in […]

Sold1969 Austin Mini Cooper S

( GONE! ) legit, matching #’s Austin Mini Cooper S w/ Heritage Certificate [in Portland, OR]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This a genuine, matching-numbers Austin Cooper 1275 Cooper S with a Heritage Certificate that documents its authenticity. It is an uncut and unmodified original Mk2 Cooper S. It has all the proper Cooper S features, including: 1275cc Cooper S engine Cooper S 4-speed […]

$32,5001969 Austin Mini

Mini Sprint-style full custom build w/ 1380cc [in Michigan]

This ’69 Austin Mk2 Mini has been chopped and channeled – much like an old school hot rod – by a master craftsman/fabricator in Southern California with 40 years’ experience in restoration and custom builds of exotic and race cars. It’s powered by a Mincomp performance 1380cc atop a 4-speed, 4-synchro manual transmission. This custom […]

$15,0001974 Innocenti Mini

( GONE! ) Innocenti “Mini Cooper 1300 Export” w/ 1275cc, discs [in Portland, OR]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! Genuine Italian-built Innocenti “Mini Cooper 1300 Export” model! Well-prepared 1310cc engine on 4-speed, 4-synchro rod-change manual transmission Single SU carb (HIF44) on alloy intake manifold K&N air filter LCB header RC40 exhaust Cooper S front disc brakes (7.5″) Power brake booster (brake servo) […]

$17,0001900 Austin Mini

British Racing Green Sport Pack w/1275cc [in Los Angeles]

This British Racing Green Mini is a Sport Pack model that is powered by a 1275cc engine with a 4-speed manual transmission. Upgrades include new gold alloy wheels, tinted windows, clear taillight lenses and a new custom exhaust. The black leather interior is accented with a wood dash with white-face gauges. The brakes and suspension […]

$7,0001961 Morris Mini

white ’61 Mk1 w/ 1275cc upgrade [near Des Moines, Iowa]

This driver-quality ’61 Morris Mini is a Mk1 850 model that has been upgraded with a 1275cc engine, a new Weber carb and an oil cooler. The exterior sports a painted Union Jack flag on the roof, a rare model of 10” alloy wheels, black wheel arches (flares), a wavy Austin grille, a chrome bullet […]

1965 Austin Mini Cooper S

British Racing Green ’65 Mk1 Austin Cooper S [in Aurora, IL

This British Racing Green ’65 Austin Mk1 Cooper 1275 S has been restored close to an “all-original,” unmodified appearance, including white Cooper S steel wheels with small hubcaps, stock-style (austere) interior with two-tone upholstery, and features such as the original-size steering wheel. The turn-signal stalk features a flashing green indicator bulb on the tip, as […]

$11 Austin Mini

(HELP!) classic Mini’s WANTED! [any condition, model and location nationwide]

WANTED – classic Minis and Mini Coopers of all models, condition and location – and we’re particularly looking for really nice ones! TIPS, LEADS and LINKS GREATLY APPRECIATED! And, if you’d like to list your Mini here, we’re happy to help! (we’ve had 1.1M visitors!) Feel free to contact MiniGuy directly – or Fill Out […]

$25,0001966 Austin Mini Cooper S

( GONE! ) genuine Austin Cooper S w/ Heritage Certificate [in Los Angeles]

UPDATE: The seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This genuine, documented 1966 Austin Cooper 1275 S has undergone a bare-shell, every-nut-and-bolt restoration and upgrade. It has matching numbers, as verified by the Heritage Certificate, which shows a build date of 8 October 1965. It is now refinished in a pale […]

1964 Austin Mini

freshly-built, stunning Mk1 w/ 1380cc! [in Charlotte/Raleigh area, NC]

This stunning ’64 Mk1 Austin Mini has been fully restored and upgraded with a 1275cc (bored to 1380cc), Cooper S front disc brakes and all the goodies. The performance engine has been built to “Cooper S”-spec and beyond. No expense was spared – virtually everything is new – and it needs nothing but a driver! […]

$23,0001967 Austin Mini Cooper S

( GONE! ) rotisserie resto! Austin Mk1 Cooper S [in Jacksonville, FL]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S is a recent rotisserie restoration and has zero rust. As part of the restoration, it was taken down to bare shell, then epoxy-coated and finished in Nebula Grey with Tricot Ruby stripes. The clearcoat has been wet-sanded […]

$11,0001987 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) Tahiti Blue ’87 w/ leather interior and Minilights [in Sarasota, FL]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home in Michigan! Tahiti Blue w/ white roof Union Jack flag on roof New beige leather interior Wood dash Stereo system Recent restoration 998cc w/ 4-speed manual transmission 12″ Minilight alloys Wheel arches (flares) Right-hand-drive (RHD) steering Florida title and current registered (Antique vehicle […]

$8,5001967 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) Mk2 Mini upgraded w/ 1275cc and S Disc Brakes! [above Santa Barbara]

UPDATE: Seller report that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to a new home! This green ’67 Mini is a “Mk2″ model that is upgraded to a 1275cc engine, Cooper S (7.5″) disc brakes with power-brake servo, and wears rare 10” Mamba alloys and black wheel arches (flares) that accent the wider stance. It’s now badged as […]

$15,0001963 Austin Mk1 Super Deluxe

( GONE! ) rare Super Deluxe model original Mk1 [near Lake Tahoe, NV]

  This ’63 Austin Mini is the rare “Super Deluxe” model. Has tons of documentation since the original owner. Copies on request. Heritage Certificate documents this rare Mini’s authenticity! Certified Copy of a Factory Record:    Make and Model: AUSTIN MINI SALOON  Car/chassis Number:  A-A2S7-SL/4052[*][*]A Engine Number: 8AM-U-H/5496[*][*] Body Number: 2412[*][*] Specification: LHD, Export, Super […]

$19,0001960 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) replica of Monte Carlo Rallye-winner AJB 44B [in Orange County/Los Angeles, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! The inspiration for this replica rally-style classic 1960 Mk1 Mini is the 1965 Monte Carlo Rallye winner AJB 44B (as driven by Timo Makinen and Paul Easter). Along with the extensive rally-style features added inside and out, the engine has been upgraded to a […]

$11,5001973 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) blue Mini w/ LHD, sunroof and disc brakes [in Simi Valley, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports that its GONE, GONE, GONE to its new home! This zippy little Mini has a 998cc engine, a four-speed manual transmission, front disc brakes and a sunroof! California title and current registration. Left-hand-drive (LHD) steering 998cc engine 4-speed manual transmission Minilight-style (8-spoke) alloys Front disc brakes New tires New carburetor New water […]

$1,5001980 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) customized project Mini w/ 1275cc & disc brakes [in Hawaii]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it has GONE, GONE, GONE to a new home! This 1980 Austin Mini is a project car that has been upgraded to a 1275cc engine, front disc brakes and has a customized, fully-deseamed body that includes molded-in fiberglass wheel arches (flares), a conversion to Mk1 (small oval) taillights and the addition […]

$6,5001959 Austin Mini

( GONE! ) pair of ’59 and ’60 Mk1 projects w/ many NOS/new parts [in Atlanta region]

UPDATE: The seller reports that they have GONE, GONE, GONE to their new home! UPDATE: Now $6,500 includes BOTH Minis! These two unfinished Mk1 Minis are being offered with virtually all the parts required to complete their restorations, including many new, NOS and used parts. The first is a red 1960 with a solid body, […]

$24,5001967 Austin Mini Cooper

( GONE! ) Mk1 Mini Cooper w/ S upgrades and 1275cc [in Tampa, Florida]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to a new home! This legit 1967 Austin Mk1 Mini Cooper has a Heritage Certificate and has been upgraded with a 1275cc engine and Cooper “S” components that include 7.5” Cooper “S” disc brakes, a 120-mph Cooper “S” speedo, a right-hand Cooper “S” (twin) fuel tank, Cooper […]

$16,0001963 Morris Mini

( GONE! ) deep blue ’63 Mk1 Mini w/ hopped-up 997cc and Cooper S brakes [in Northridge, CA]

UPDATE: Seller reports that it’s GONE, GONE, GONE to a new home! This 1963 Morris Mk1 Mini deluxe has been upgraded with a pumped-up, high-revving, genuine 997cc Cooper engine stuffed with all the performance goodies and mated with a later-model, 4-synchro, 4-speed “rod-shift” transmission. Cooper S components added include new Cooper S disc brakes, new […]

1968 Austin Mini Cooper S

(see UPDATE…) All-original, genuine Mk2 Cooper S w/ 12k miles! [in St. Paul, MN]

UPDATE – Aug. 2019: Owner agreed to sell at a certain price and signed a Bill of Sale, but has backed out of the deal and is seeking a better deal elsewhere. This genuine 1968 Austin Mk2 Cooper 1275 “S” is a matching-numbers car that still has its original paint, original interior and the odometer […]