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1965 Austin Mini Cooper S

This British Racing Green ’65 Austin Mk1 Cooper 1275 S has been restored close to an “all-original,” unmodified appearance, including white Cooper S steel wheels with small hubcaps, stock-style (austere) interior with two-tone upholstery, and features such as the original-size steering wheel. The turn-signal stalk features a flashing green indicator bulb on the tip, as original.

It’s quite rare to see an unmodified example such as this Mini!

It’s a genuine Mk1 model, so it has the unique doors with the cool, quirky sliding windows and external door hinges, “mustache grille,” bumpers with corner bars and overriders, and small oval taillights.


  • 1275cc Cooper S engine (rebuilt 2019)
  • 4-speed manual Cooper S transmission
  • Cooper S disc brakes
  • Twin fuel tanks (RH tank was factory option that year)
  • Twin SU carbs
  • Oil cooler
  • Correct air cleaner housing
  • New suspension cones and shocks
  • Cooper S 10″ steel wheels w/ small hubcaps
  • Yokohama A-008 tires
  • Porcelain Green/Grey two-tone upholstery (original style)
  • Cooper S 120 mph speedo and Smiths gauges
  • Original jack and tools
  • BMIHT Heritage Certificate
  • One owner since 1993
  • Extensive receipts and service history


The Heritage Certificate from BMIHT confirms that the VIN corresponds to a legitimate Mk1 Cooper S and the Chassis Number plate (VIN tag) affixed matches the Heritage Certificate.


Certified Copy of a Factory Record:

Make and Model: Austin Mini Cooper “S” Mark 1 (1275cc)

Car/chassis Number: C-A2S7–L/552358

Engine Number: 9F-SA-Y/32517

Body Number: 30954

LHD, North American Export, De-Luxe

Colour (exterior): Tweed Grey and Old English White

(trim) Dove Grey and Dark Grey

Date of Build: 17 September 1964

Despatch Date: 7 December 1964

Destination (dealer)  Personal Export Delivery, New York, USA

Other Numbers (where recorded): Invoice / release 517235/7/1

Details of factory-fitted equipment: Fresh air heater, Seatbelt attachments



Notes & FYI:

  • Original color was Dove Grey (now British Racing Green, a period color)
  • Older restoration, still looks fresh
  • Taillight lenses replaced with red/amber (U.S. market was all red)
  • Twin SU carbs are newer models
  • Hydrolastic (aka: “wet”) suspension has been converted to conventional “dry” rubber cones
  • Previously rebodied with earlier (pre-’62, aka: “lightweight”) Mk1 shell
  • Over the course of the past 54 years, a number of misc original items/features are different, upgraded or absent (details on request, including the nit-picky things), including the original matching-numbers engine tag lost during the recent engine rebuild.
  • rear anti-roll bar added

Runs well, drives well – needs nothing but a driver, reports the seller!

Illinois title and current registration

Located in Illinois in Aurora, IL 60502

[ ID# BRG65MK1S ] Asking: (contact us)


Independent mechanical evaluations may also be arranged, as well as nationwide door-to-door transport. Escrow Services for payment, title-document-transfers, and transport coordination (to help provide more-secure transactions) are also available, contact us for details.


FINE PRINT: MiniGuy / Lewis Motors makes no representations as to the accuracy of any seller’s listings on our “Consignment – For Sale by Owner” pages, including but not limited to, physical or mechanical condition of vehicle, status of title or registration, any applicable emissions-equipment, emissions-testing or emissions-certification requirements, as well as relevant safety equipment or safety-related requirements, import status, or fitness for use. Please note that emissions or safety requirements may differ by state, region, or country. Potential buyers should consult their appropriate state or local agencies or departments to determine, among other things, the status of a particular vehicle related to the above, including vehicles that might normally be exempt from emissions testing, emissions equipment, or emissions certification requirements. For California buyers or sellers, more information may be obtained from various state and local agencies, including, but not limited to, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Bureau of Automotive Repairs (BAR) and the California Air Resources Board (ARB).

BOTTOM LINE: This is a case where it pays to do your homework. Be careful what you buy, you may not be able to drive it in some states, including California.


2019 – UPDATED FOOTNOTE: According to current California ARB guidelines, pre-1968 classic Minis – because of their age – would not be subject to the restrictions that would otherwise apply to direct-import vehicles. (Great news for this legitimate ’65 Mini!)

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