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The Mini Cooper Playhouse

Sept. 15, 2004 – The following item is actually a class assignment my middle son wrote and turned in today for his Social Studies class in Middle School, where he’s in the 6th Grade.

The Mini Cooper Playhouse

One spring day, 5 years ago, my two brothers and I were bored. There was nothing to do, so we just sat around doing nothing. But, soon our dad came home and he brought a really cool playhouse. It wasn’t an ordinary playhouse; this was a Mini Cooper playhouse. Since my dad sells Mini Coopers (old British cars), all he did was take the body shell of one of his cars, glue on a fake dashboard, and put in seats. We strapped on our dad’s old racing helmets and played in our car all day. It was really fun.

We had many adventures with the Mini Cooper playhouse. We liked to pretend we were in a big race, or that the police were chasing us. When our mom got home, she was mad. She didn’t like the idea of a pile of junk in the backyard. We didn’t care, we liked it. We just stayed in our Mini Cooper playhouse, making engine noises and pretending we were chasing a helicopter.

Our Mini Cooper playhouse had a really cool dashboard, made from the control panel of an old microwave oven. We used the microwave panel because the microwave was broken. It happened the day before Thanksgiving when my mom realized our turkey was still frozen. She decided she could thaw it out in the bathtub, so Mom put the frozen bird in the tub. While filling the tub with cool water, the phone suddenly rang.
She ran downstairs to get the phone – and forgot all about the running water. All of a sudden, it sounded like rain. Mom thought it was raining outside, then realized it was actually raining inside! Water poured from the ceiling, ruining the microwave. My dad, who likes to save things, set the broken microwave in the garage until he could think of what he might do with it.

When he created the Mini Cooper playhouse, he decided the microwave panel would make a great dashboard. My brothers and I helped to take the microwave apart and mount the control panel to the Mini Cooper. It made a great addition to our Mini Cooper playhouse.

After a couple months, something terrible happened. The day started out fun and cheerful, but things were about to change. My mom couldn’t take having a rusty dilapidated pile of junk with rats living in it sitting in the middle of our small backyard. My mom wasn’t happy. And there is an old saying that goes, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” So that was the end of our Mini Cooper playhouse. All that is left now are memories of the pile of junk we used to sit in and make engine noises. THE END.