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Rust Busted, Thanks to Space-Age Technology…

April 15, 2004 – Not long after we posted our April 14 piece, “Ashes to Ashes… and Steel Bodies to Rust , Rust & More Rust…”, we had another email and some phone calls from David G., an automotive whiz kid/engineer/speed freak/all-around car nut/ Mini fan who has developed quite a solution to the problem, a “better mouse trap,” if you will…

We were so convinced with his solution, that we beat a path to his door and ordered one for our MiniGuy showroom!

It is scheduled to be delivered in mid-to-late July.

Unless somebody throws some “silly money” at us for it before we get started, we plan to build it up and post pics of the progress, or you can stop by and see it through our Ventura showroom windows 24 hours per day!

Pictured here (and in the three pics below) is what looks like a very nice Mini, but what you can’t see is that its body shell, doors, bootlid and bonnet are constructed of space-age composites – that together tip the scales as just over 200 pounds!

Here’s what David had to say about his product:

“These cars are for the descriminating mini enthusiast, who desires a one-of-a kind, original, hand-built Mini, designed exactly to the customer’s specifications. Each Mini is painstakingly engineered and assembled to outperform any vehicle in its class, let alone any Mini. The drivetrain applications/options are limitless. However, some our preferred engine/ transmission applications include “detuned” Formula Atlantic engines (Toyota 4AGE), ranging from 170hp in naturally aspirated form to over 200hp supercharged, with either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed sequential “paddle shift” gearbox. The amazing aspect of these front wheel drive configurations is that the engine and transmission packages “drop in” as a direct replacement to the original A-Series engine. This means no “tubbing out” of the entire front end to get the drivetrain package to fit and – more importantly – no unstable, offset weight biasing as one feels when they drive one of the [Honda] “VTEC” conversions. Moreover, due to the centered engine/transmission configuration, the output driveshafts are equal length, which virtually eliminates the unsettling torque steer found in the VTEC conversion. Mid-engine, 265hp configurations and convertible models are also available upon request. More information regarding these unique, one of a kind vehicles can be obtained by calling me.”

You bet we called him!

Click Here for More Info… or drop us an email for more info, or for an appointment to come and drool on it after it arrives…