MiniGuy was a DMV-licensed dealer/broker in California for 12 years, but all cars on this site are “For Sale by Owner.” For details or more info, please contact us. We also assist in having thorough pre-purchase evaluations performed, Escrow services to provide for more-secure funds and title transfers, and door-to-door transport. When considering a car for purchase – including ones on this site, it's prudent to pay for a specialist or your mechanic to check them out, since these will not necessarily have undergone the same scrutiny they would've had before being offered in MiniGuy's former showroom. We also offer "Buyers Agent" services for locating cars, or consulting, or assisting with negotiations or transactions.

NOTE: We're always seeking classic Minis for these "Consignment / For Sale by Owner" pages. Please use our Vehicle Request Form or contact us at:

MiniGuy is Hiring!

Help!! We’re getting buried here at MiniGuy.

Drop me an email if you are interested in working for us, then follow it up with a phone call.

Our most pressing need is for an experienced Mini mechanic. There are several GREAT Mini repair shops / mechanics in the Los Angeles area, but we spending too much time shuttling cars to them, and a number of jobs we have are just small jobs, or are more urgent.

We need an in-house mechanic immediately, with extensive Mini experience. We have about 30 classic Mini’s here now, and – being British cars – there’s always something needing to be done.

We also need help evaluating cars that come in. We have two containerloads of “cheap” Minis that recently arrived. (ie: Some are total projects, and we don’t even know if the engines will rotate, much less run.) We need them evaluated, so we can set prices “as-is”, or with some or all of the needed work done.

We also have a need someone to transport or deliver Minis. Hugh Cannon (ie: Dr Mini) has been great for us, but he’s tied up with his other work for about two months.

We have Minis that need to go immediately to Concord, California (in the Bay Area), Littleton, Colorado (near Denver), Tucson, Arizona, and to Eureka or Redding, (in Northern) California. I have a Cooper S that needs to come down from Santa Barbara today, if possible.

We also need someone with lots of DMV/registration experience.

And an intern / trainee / apprentice mechanic / move-cars-around / dust-cars-in-the-showroom “lot boy”-type person….

Mini spotters / evaluators in other states (and countries) are also needed. We pay finder’s fees if you steer us to a car that we broker or buy.

If you are interested in discussing it, please drop us a lengthy email with your qualifications and experience, or attach a resume if you have one, then follow it up with a phone call. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you…