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Let’s Segue to the Segway….

Sun., April 15, 2007 – People gawking at you in your Mini isn’t anything new – but I had to gawk when I saw this one. It’s a “Segway” scooter, which allows the rider to stay upright while gyroscopes and computer controllers keep it upright, and allow starting, stopping and turning.

Well, that’s what the company says, but I’m still not convinced there’s some sort of magic – or interplanetary hijinks – going on…

p.s. – I had to look up the spelling of “segue,” since it’s more often heard spoken than seen written. According to, (where I check the spellings of words I’m not sure of), “segue” can be defined as “any smooth, uninterrupted transition from one thing to another”…

And with that, we’ll segue to more on the Segway… ( )

Here’s from the company’s website:

A Lean, Green, Eco-Friendly Machine:

As the leader in two-wheeled electric transportation, it’s always been Segway’s vision to produce environmentally friendly short-distance transportation alternatives. Today, more and more people are using the Segway PT as an eco-friendly electric transportation alternative for many of the short journeys that are typically made by car. In fact, The EPA estimates that Americans take 900 million car journeys every day, but did you know that half of these trips are less than five miles long and solo drivers? What would happen if you replaced some of those car trips with a Segway PT?

Now just think if we were able to replace 10% of those 900 million car trips with an eco-friendly Segway PT. If each one of these trips was three miles long, that’s 6.2 million fewer gallons of gas consumed and 286 million fewer pounds of CO2 emitted every day.

Wow! Just think, a cool toy that helps stamp out Global Warming…