MiniGuy was a DMV-licensed dealer/broker in California for 12 years, but all cars on this site are “For Sale by Owner.” For details or more info, please contact us. We also assist in having thorough pre-purchase evaluations performed, Escrow services to provide for more-secure funds and title transfers, and door-to-door transport. When considering a car for purchase – including ones on this site, it's prudent to pay for a specialist or your mechanic to check them out, since these will not necessarily have undergone the same scrutiny they would've had before being offered in MiniGuy's former showroom. We also offer "Buyers Agent" services for locating cars, or consulting, or assisting with negotiations or transactions.

NOTE: We're always seeking classic Minis for these "Consignment / For Sale by Owner" pages. Please use our Vehicle Request Form or contact us at:

How to Reach the MiniGuy…

First, an apology.

We’ve been absolutely swamped, and we’re getting behind on answering phone messages and emails.

Just a heads-up:

Our highest priorities are:

1.) Visitors to our showroom who have made appointments.

2.) Phone calls.

3.) Emails.

The best way to reach us, is to email us first, and let us know the best phone numbers and time frames to call, so we can call you direct. Or let us know what time frame you will be calling, and we’ll let you know the best phone numbers to reach us.

In your email, give us a sense of what sort of Mini you are looking for and how you plan to use your Mini. Let us know your previous experience with Minis, or if this will be your first one. Give us a sense of your level of mechanical expertise, or lack thereof. It’s REALLY helpful if you give us a sense of your ideal budget range, since we have many other Minis available, or that have been offered to us, besides what you see on our web site.

If there are particular ID#s of Minis on our site that you like or dislike, let us know that, and why you like what you see.

Please let us know what area you are in, since the costs of transport (or shipment direct from overseas, if need be) can be factored in, as well as to let you know of unadvertised Minis in your area.

Please let us know in what sort of time frame you are looking to get a Mini. If you are just in the preliminary stages, or need a bit of an education of what Mini might work best for you, just let us know.

If you give us an advance email, such as what is above, we will be able to get back to you much quicker.

If you don’t get a prompt reply, please don’t be offended. We’re swamped here. Just re-send the message, and put something like “(resending)” at the beginnning of the subject line, and resend the same message. Or put “(resending 2X)”, if you’ve sent it before.

When you reply to our emails, please include the text from your original message, and the text of our reply. It’s a big help when you do that, and we’ll be able to answer your questions MUCH more easily.

We get buried in emails, so please email first, then give us a call.

IMPORTANT: We lost a LOT of emails (and contact info in our database) when our computer crashed, and we haven’t had time to restore the backups. Please resend any messages that you think we may have missed, and include your contact info (and various phone numbers, etc.) and we’ll add you back into our database.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you…

-Michael “MiniGuy” Lewis