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How Many in a Mini? For a Classic Mini, it’s 14 Kids…

May 25, 2004 – Here’s two pics we received from longtime classic Mini owner-enthusiasts Donna and David K., of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Here’s the note that Donna sent with them, “Hey MiniGuy, here is a little info on the “Kids Mini/MINI mash” held recently at our son Cooper’s elementary school. The kids worked hard all year participating in an Accelerated Reader program designed to encourage reading. The theme for this year involved race cars. The kids were required to read a certain number of books to get a paper race car with their name on it up on the track tacked up to the wall in the school hallway. The more they read, the faster and further their car went on the track. The entire school worked so hard on their reading that a celebration was planned…and of course, cars had to be involved somehow. Parents planned a car show with a couple of loud race cars, some vintage cars, a low-rider pickup and our classic Mini and one of our new (BMW) MINIs.

At some point during the car show, I asked my son’s class if they would like to see how many of them would fit in the classic Mini. They answered with a resounding YES! The teacher and I began stacking them in, with the smaller kids on top. We managed to get 14 of the 17 students from Cooper’s class in the classic Mini. As you can see, they had great fun with this. As they piled out of the car beside the new (BMW) MINI, they begged to try it again. Once again, they squished and squashed their way in, but this time only 12 made it in. I wish you could have seen the teacher’s face when she realized the smaller car held more! The reduced number was due to the height of the emergency brake between the front seats of the new MINI. It was just not comfortable to sit on and resulted in only four in the front seats instead of six.

All in all, it was a great celebration. Some children preferred the classic Mini, others the new (BMW)one and some folks – like me – wanted one of each!”