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Classic Mini + Rockets + Ski Jump = Whee!

Friday, July 7, 2007 – Top Gear is one of MiniGuy’s favorite shows. Host Jeremy Clarkson shares a penchant for the wacky, particularly when it involves automobiles. And, it seems that many of the show’s episodes involve Minis, both classic and the “new” (BMW) MINI versions.

In this episode, Clarkson and crew head to Norway and its famous Lillehammer ski jump, searching for a way to jump a classic Mini as far as possible. After some scribbles-on-a-napkin calculations, the team settles on rocket power. And, not just any rockets – these have a total of 1.5 tons of thrust. And, since it’s a ski jump, a pair of giant skis are fitted to the Mini. For safety reasons, according to Clarkson, the Mini was unmanned. Instead, a pair of carved-out tracks helped keep the Mini headed straight down the ramp…

We think you’ll be amused at the result.

Here’s a short video snippet:  (0:38)

The Top Gear version on YouTube runs 10 minutes.

Top Gear – Part One:  (7:05)

Top Gear – Part Two: (2:35)

Pictured here is not the jet-powered, ski-jump Mini, but a shot of a university student’s rocket-powered little red wagon. We liked the pic, so we’re using it…