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Arrivederce, Adios and Goodbye…

Sat., April 21 – The Vespa car has passed away, but the new Vespa scooter – as has happened with the classic Mini – has been restyled to a more modern look, and engineered to increase reliability and cut emissions and run more fuel-efficient.

Here’s the rear view from behind, which also shows the full-length sunroof extending down the back. Some classic Minis came with sunroofs, or have had ones added later.

See, another couple references to Minis!

Did we mention the Vespa is made in Italy? Well, as it happens, a number of Minis were built there under license and badged as Innocentis. We’ll be featuring “Innos” in the future…

P.s. – If you go to and look up “arrivederce,” it defines the Italian word as “until we see each other again; good-bye for the present.”

Until we meet again…