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A Gift From a Mini Nut, Who’s Also a Starving Artist…

Sat., April 7, 2007 – When we had our retail showroom in Ventura, it was visible from the northbound lanes of the 101 freeway, and from the 33 freeway to Ojai as it split off from the 101. Consequently, we had a lot of folks drop in – and we made a lot of friends and heard some great stories.

One day, Mini owner/artist Jim Snow dropped in to see our showroom – but he came all the way from the Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead region. In his arms, he carried this 20″x 30″ painting, which he then presented to me – as a gift.

Depicted is Calvin piloting the wooden car, with his pal Hobbs hanging on behind, both grinning as they hurtle through a fence, taking with them road signs for Ventura and for Highway 126, which is just south of us, in their wake.

You just might want to take a close look at the careening, mostly out-of-control soapbox racer, and you may see some familiar features: a “moustache grille,” external door hinges, Minilite-style (8-spoke) wheels, and pair of a bonnet stripes…

In real life, Jim has a full-size Cooper “S” that he drove for a long time. He then started pulling it apart to restore it – some 20 years ago – and it’s now sitting alongside his cabin, deteriorating out in the weather, since he lost his garage in a move. If he sells enough of his paintings, he says, he’ll start restoring his Mini again.

Below is another of his paintings, his version of the ’64 Monte Carlo rally.

Unfortunately, Jim likes to keep his paintings – not sell them – which can be a problem for an artist looking to pay the bills…

While these two are somewhat cartoonish, Jim’s real talent likes in landscapes and scenic works. Should you like to get in touch with Jim for perhaps a painting of your own, drop us a message and we’ll put you together.

Whaddya say we help him out with a few “dimes,” which in the case will need to be $10,000 “dimes” if he’s to do his Cooper S up right!